Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

1. On a pregnancy update...Baby A is 5lb. 6oz. and Baby B is 5lb. 8oz. both are head down. I'm still dilated to a 2 so my now "modified bed rest" is paying off along with the procradia I'm taking. I'll probably choose to stay on it until I deliver to guarantee they stay in as long as possible. I was hoping to go to the EXACT time as I did with the boys, 37 weeks 5 days which is May 20th and my doctor just told me that is his son's high school graduation is that night so he won't be available to deliver....I guess that qualifies as something important to not miss. Sooo....that means we're looking at earlier that week. Possibly Monday, the 16th of May!

2. Jon had a busy weekend of projects he got more lumber for the basement, he is moving my studio to the other side of the basement and making some backdrop contraption and we are finishing off the rest. He bought all the flowers for my pots and plants for the garden. He got the flowers all planted in the pots, garden tilled and ready to be planted later this week when it isn't so cold in the evenings. Also the garage was in need of a cleaning so that got done too along with all the house cleaning, laundry, sheet changing and so on. He's such a great hubby!

3. Jackson and Joel are continually picking at each other, pulling on each other's shirts, hitting each other in the head with their choo choos, pushing each other, and being mouthy. You name it, it's happening. We're really trying to crack down on their "terrible two" behavior (which just started a couple months ago) so they have been spending a lot of time in time out. I'm also working on a behavior chart with stickers and all that fun stuff to start using. Maybe some sort of incentive will help with this! After speaking to LOTS of other twin moms (and moms with kids close in age) we're not the only ones going through this.

4. I've got all my "pre babies" projects done that I wanted to get done over the last couple weeks that these next 2 weeks I will be really relaxing, I'm due for a manicure and pedicure to start sandal season so that might be in the cards and I'm getting my hair done.

5. I'm really hoping that it will be hot and sunny later this week and next week so I can take my bed rest out to hammock and get some sun on this blinding white body of mine.

6. We bought a 2nd car for Jon to drive to and from work...can't believe it's been since November that we've been a 1 car family. It was very nice just having the one vehicle but with me now staying home and not carpooling everyday I can't be home with 4 kids and not have a vehicle in case of an emergency.

7. I was looking at my photography schedule for the rest of the year...I have at least 2 sessions so far already scheduled for EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND (that includes weddings). I figured out what I'm going to have available and there are only 14 time slots that are open through November (that would get me to 4 sessions every weekend). Between my first year of life sessions, weddings, Jon's home Iowa football games he'll be going to (I won't be doing pictures those days) there isn't a lot of time to schedule anything else! Which is TOTALLY fine with me I think between nursing/pumping for the girls every 2 hrs (that's how often I pumped for the boys) and trying to spend family time it will hard to do much else during their first year on the weekends and I'm NOT going to wear myself thin like I did last fall that was WAAAAY to much and I didn't enjoy it at all!

8. I can't believe my niece Brynna will be 1 on Friday. Her party is this weekend and the boys are looking forward to going to celebrate with her, mostly to play on her pretty new playset!

9. My baby brother is graduating from Marshalltown Community College on Friday; since there is a baseball game he won't be walking in the ceremony which means we won't be going!! I don't think he's sure where he will be going after that but he'll have all summer to decide.

10. I saw one of my engagement pictures in the paper this weekend (not my engagement picture but one that I took) that was pretty neat.

11. Mother's Day is this weekend and I'm looking forward to celebrating with both of our mommys!

12. Last Friday I went and bought a new phone, the Samsung Mesmerize, ya know the cool touch screen IPhone looking thing...went in Saturday cause I was having problems, said I wold give it another couple days. Decided it wasn't the phone for me. Emails took at least 5 minutes to come in, I never got any notifications from Facebook. I'm not in all the dumb app. games and don't have time for them so back to the BlackBerry I went and I'm a happy camper. The good thing, instead of $250 the BlackBerry was only $110! So Jon was happy too!

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