Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update since we're home!

Well we've been home for a week now and we're all adjusting to the baby thing again and the boys are adjusting to having to "be careful/gentle" etc. with their new sisters around. I had a photographer over for (2) five hour photo sessions so that took up 2 of the days we've been home and we've taken the girls in for weight checks two different days so there is another two days of not being home all day. So today and tomorrow are my last 2 days of just me and my newest babies and I'm TOTALLY enjoying it!!

{Mama and her baby girls!}

So you're wondering how the boys are doing....frankly A LOT better than I could've ever hoped!! I'm soooo happy that they are not acting out, reverting back on the potty training and so on. Sure it's hard for them to understand they can't run over and jump on the couch when a baby is laying there or they have to wait for me to stop feeding the baby before I can run them to the potty, ya know the little things! Jackson is way more into holding the babies than Joel is. But we kinda expected that as Jackson is a little mother hen, he definitely takes on the big brother role and always has. Joel will be the first to run after diapers, or throw the diapers away or stick in a paci that fell out, etc. So they each help in different ways and want the babies to come too. We went on a couple walks and they said "babies come too"? So I think they get that they are sticking around!

{Daddy and his baby girls}

Sleeping and feedings...during the day I wake the girls every 3 hours to eat (we have to until they are 6lbs) at night they go 4 hours between before we wake them and honestly could probably go longer. Hopefully soon we can let them!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE nursing the girls. I didn't give it a fair shot with the boys, they didn't latch on as well at all, didn't eat when I had them latched on. So when I told Jon I wanted to try again, he was hesitant as he knew how hard it was on me last time, how miserable I was and how hard it was on him too. But the girls...they are pros and have been since in the hospital. I love having two sets of eyes starring up at me and that I'm the only one that can provide that for them, for my last babies I'll ever have. It just makes me soooo happy! I can nurse both babies, change diapers and pump for 15 minutes after nursing all within an hour...hopefully I can keep that up because I know I can entertain the boys for an hour a couple times a day while I'm doing all that.


So this is the last week for the boys to be at daycare. They will be home next week and so will Jon and then the week after that it's just me and the four kiddos. Wish me luck!!


We have the very best friends and neighbors, we've had meals every night last weekend and this week brought over to us, that is soooo nice and we love you all so much for thinking of us!!

{Having a pizza party on the floor!}


Missy... said...

So glad things are going well, Jenn! The girls are perfect and it sounds like the big brothers are adjusting wonderfully!

Please let us know if you need anything at all! Even if it's just a place for the boys to play for an hour...we'd LOVE to have them!

Lori said...

The girls are beautiful. I love all of the stories and pictures. Blessings to you all!