Thursday, June 30, 2011

the boys

Jackson and Joel are enjoying being home with me everyday. Every morning they still get up and say, "No Lori's house". I'm really glad that they are also adjusting their sleep time as well. When we'd take them to daycare we'd have to wake them up at 6AM, after 4 weeks of being home they are FINALLY sleeping in until 7:30! This goes for the weekend too and we both enjoy that! They are such my little helpers during the day, I can't tell you how many times I hear, "Mama I help, I hold my bowl" or "I do it, I can pour, I can get my milk out of the fridge".
{Jackson and Joel helping me make cupcakes}

They also have their not so good moments. I don't know how many times daily I tell them to keep their hands off each other, stop pulling his shirt, don't push him into the couch, don't pick up his trains and take off running, JUST STOP! It goes on and on! I've really noticed that they will push everything I say to the limit and some days I yell WAY more than I'd care to admit but I'm really trying to tell them that their behavior isn't acceptable preschool behavior and all they get out of that is "school mama". So we're trying and in the meantime I continue to take their precious trains away when they don't listen, they nap in separate rooms and sit in timeout as forms of punishment.
{Joel eating his beloved sweet corn} The boys have really enjoyed the crafts we do too. They love to water paint, I haven't braved the actual paint yet, they love coloring, and playing with playdough. They have collected lots of pinecones and I have pipecleaners and google eyes so we need to make some sort of fun creature. There just isn't enough hours in the day to do all the fun stuff!

{Jackson and Joel} I'm very impressed with their behavior when we go on our errands. I don't know if it's that I've threatened them so much that if they dare act up there will be harsh consequences or that they are finally understanding how to act in the stores but they hold on to the baby carriers when we walk into the stores and just don't take off running, they will either stand on the cart as I push the girls hold on to the cart with one hand and walk, or walk behind the cart. The best compliment has been hearing people say, "wow you have your hands full but your boys are really well behaved" I say, "thank you" and think to myself if they really saw how they behave at home some days they wouldn't be saying that!

{Jackson}Finally both of the boys still nap for at least 2 hours a day, I know they'd nap longer if I let them but when I have it takes them forever to go to bed at night. I'll be holding onto nap time for as long as I can with them. I sure love that quiet time in the house and time to myself!

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