Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A fun day....

We had a pool day on the farm last weekend and it was a good time! Besides of course swimming the boys got lots of rides on Papa's tractors. The girls did a lot of this.... {Julianne} {Jocelyn} They also experienced their first time in the pool! At 88 degrees it felt like bath water!

{Mama and Julianne} The boys had their "monsters" on and were jumping in and going under all by themselves! They had a blast! {Daddy and Jocelyn, Mama and Julianne} Family picture in the pool! {Julianne}

{Daddy and Jocelyn} {Joel and Jackson jumping and falling off rafts} We celebrated my brother's birthday too....he had LOTS of help blowing out his candles!

A fun day with everyone there and looking forward to many more this summer!

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