Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can do it...

it you ask...staying home with 4 kids! I know it was just one day but the first day had me on edge I was super nervous although you probably wouldn't have guessed or I wouldn't have said I was. But I was most nervous about was how it would all workout while I nursed the girls and tended to them for at least an hour each time I fed. So here is what our day looked like yesterday:

6:00 AM - feed girls in our bed (my morning feeds are always upstairs in the bed)

6:30 AM - boys wake up and come into our room

6:45 AM - girls done eating, pump for 15 minutes, take boys potty, get dressed for the day, make all beds, finish laundry, pack up and go downstairs (bassinet, diaper caddy, pump supplies and milk from the night, girls' clothes, nursing pillow)

7:45 AM - make breakfast for me and boys and eat

9:00 AM - feed girls, pump

10:00 AM- get shoes on, put girls in car seats and load up in car

10:10 AM - on our way to the store

11:25 AM - home from Wal-Mart and Target, make lunch and eat

12:00 PM - feed girls, boys finish eating lunch and play

12:50 PM - done with girls and they are sleeping boys and I go outside and play

1:30 PM - boys upstairs for nap

2:15 PM - boys finally asleep, me unload dishwasher, iron clothes and fold laundry

3:00 PM - feed girls

4:00 PM - done with girls and wake up boys from nap (they could sleep for 3-3.5 hrs. easily!)

4:15 PM - put supper in the oven, boys and I make cupcakes

5:15 PM - Jon home (normally he's home by 4:45 had to run to the grocery store tonight)

5:30 PM - eat supper and hold off girls until 6 to eat

6:00 PM - feed girls, Jon clean up supper and take boys out to play

7:30 PM - done with girls, done pumping, girls sleeping, go outside and hang out with boys

8:00 PM - pack up and go upstairs for the night, boys have baths, girls have baths, Jon and I shower and watch movie on our bed until time for bed

9:00 PM - bedtime for boys, me feed girls

9:45 PM - done with girls, pump and Jon and I go to sleep by 10 or 10:15PM!!

2:00 AM - girls start to stir me wake them and feed them don't wake again until 6AM!

Today we're off to the splash park from 10 until 11:30!

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Colette said...

Your are an amazing mom. Made me tired just reading it. Glad to hear you guys are adjustinbwell