Monday, June 13, 2011

Newborn photos of my GIRLS!

Here are some newborn pictures I took of the girls. They were just 5 days old in thesse pictures and oh so sleepy! Today they are 4 weeks old and it's hard to believe that now Julianne weighs 7lbs. 4oz. (born at 6lbs.) and Jocelyn weighs 6lbs. 15oz. (born at 5lbs. 9oz.)
{Julianne & Jocelyn}

{Julianne & Jocelyn} {Julianne & Jocelyn} {Jocelyn} {Jocelyn} {Jocelyn} {Jocelyn} {Jocelyn} {Julianne....these wings and headbands came from a girl who has an etsy site and she sent them to me to use so she could have pictures on her website} {Julianne} {Julianne}

{Julianne} {Julianne} {Julianne}


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