Wednesday, June 22, 2011

one month old

I'm a little late on this...last Thursday the girls were 1 month old! I must say that all kids grow up way too fast but it goes even faster when you already have kids and then add more to the mix! I feel like the girls were just born yesterday!

{Julianne and Jocelyn} {Julianne} {Jocelyn} At one month old you Julianne weigh 7lbs. 5oz. and Jocelyn weigh 6lbs. 15oz.

......both are getting sooo good at holding your head up. You do great for a few seconds and then it falls either forward or back

.....both like to do a little tummy time, but not for long! to nurse and eat like little champs

....don't mind all the adorable headbands I put on you to sit in either your bouncy seat or swing and just listen and take in the sounds around you, usually your brothers talking!

....are very attentive after you eat and then like to sleep for about an hour before the next feeding

.....wake up once in the night to eat, usually around 2 which is 5 hours from when you ate the time before

.....have quickly found out which one of you will and won't take a pacfier, Jocelyn you won't and that's ok because you soothe yourself way better than your sister does

....neither of you care for your carseats which makes the first few minutes of car rides very loud and stroller rides almost impossible at this age to sleep all swaddled up like a little burrito your daddy says

....Julianne we call you Julis (pronounced jewels) and Jocelyn we call you either Joss or Joce ( pronounced Josie)

....Julianne you make sooo many scary and funny facial expressions that we sometimes call you "the bear" as in "don't wake the bear!" and Jocelyn since you're the baby of the group we will sometimes call you "peanut" or "little peanut"

Stop growing up so fast baby girls it really, really makes your mommy and daddy sad! We love you both so much!

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