Friday, July 8, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

The boys love to be outside. If the weather permits us from being outside it isn’t a fun time at our house. Jackson and Joel love to ride their tractors and mess around with that stuff, but what they really like is going to the parks. We have a nice play set with slides and swings but they like the bright colors, the idea of being away from home and something new to play on. They can spot a park from a mile away and the first thing we have to check on when going to a park is if they have a “shake shake bridge”. They got the idea of the "shake shake bridge" from one of their Thomas DVDs. The "shake shake bridge" is one of those bridges that moves when you run across it. We found one at a park in Des Moines and have been looking all over Ankeny for one and sure enough we finally found one. Actually, this park has 2 of them and 3 big play sets. Jen will take the boys to the pool in the morning and then to this park for a picnic lunch and some play time a few times each week so the boys can get their fix. They like it when I go to the park too since I will get up on the stuff and chase them around. I hope this phase continues since it is a fun one!
Love Jon/DADA



{Jackson}{Joel}{Joel}{Jackson}{Jackson}{Joel}{Joel}{Jackson and Joel making a "choo choo" down the slide}{Jackson & Joel}{On on way home!}

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