Thursday, July 21, 2011


Instead of pictures today I wanted to fill everyone in on what we've been up to lately, as if just saying we have 4 little kids doesn't say enough.

I'm really, really enjoying being a stay at home mom. I've wanted to be home since the boys were born and I must say I don't miss going to work outside the house one bit! I do miss seeing my coworkers but now I have 4 little faces to look at me all day and count on me and I love it. In addition to being with the kids all day I like being able to keep up with the laundry, cleaning and house stuff. It allows me to do more on the weekends and not worry about the cleaning since I do a little bit each week day. Of course there are the days when I raise my voice too much, threaten the boys and just overall have a terrible horrible no good very bad day (you know that book right?) but I have way more good ones and the boys LOVE being home with me. We all wish it would cool down a bit so we can get back to the splash park a few days a week and to the zoo!

It's been so hot that lately the boys haven't been outside as much as they would like, or we would like but I can't get the girls outside even in the morning it's just soo icky out!! They can't wait for daddy to get home in the evenings so they can play outside a little bit.

I was wrapping the boys' birthday presents last night and they are soooo excited for their birthday. I love it how they actually "get it" all this year. I asked them what they wanted on their cake and of course they said "choo choo cake" so that's the theme of the party this year. Everything Thomas the Train and Friends!

Jocelyn rolled over for the first time last night! She ALMOST did the night before but couldn't kick that leg over to totally flip herself but last night I laid her down for some tummy time and over she went! She is soooo strong. When I sit her up to burp during her feeding she will stick her legs out and get into a standing position. If you hold her under her arms she will just be in heaven standing there. What a big girl already.

I came downstairs from folding some laundry the other day and caught Jackson and Joel standing over the swing with their books "reading" to the girls. It was just sooo adorable. Now that the girls are more awake and aware of things the boys have noticed and want to be looking at them, touching them and around them.

Jon has been super busy outside lately. Every night he goes out and waters all the plants and flowers and spends time in the garden picking stuff. Last night for supper he made stuffed banana peppers, just like stuffed jalapenos but they weren't hot. They were really yummy all wrapped in bacon and baked. For lunch most days this week I've had a huge bowl of green beans, they seem to be coming out our ears! In addition to all the yard/flower/plant watering we've been getting ready for the boys' birthday party we're having this weekend at our house.

I've been almost too busy with my photography lately. I almost had a breakdown the other day as I was thinking about all the photo shoots I have coming up. I know you can say, "well you've done this to yourself" and I have but goodness 4-5 photo related things on the weekends is just too much. One Friday, all day wedding Saturday and two sessions on Sunday is too much for me to handle right now. And unfortunately for my family, I have many more weekends like that the rest of the year. Next year I'm being waaaay more selective about scheduling. But this was my first year at it and I thought I could do it all, when really I am doing it all and still turning things around quickly but not loving it like I want to. Taking pictures feels more like a chore/job and I swore I wouldn't let that happen. I think a lot of it is doing weddings. One day I say, "oh they aren't bad" and besides the fact that being gone all day away from two nursing babies isn't bad there are days when I say I'm not taking weddings again because of that. The part that is overwhelming is coming home and going through over 1000 pictures and editing at least 300 of them! But that's where the money is and then I think if I just do a wedding a month I wouldn't even have to do any other photo sessions, but really the kids/families is what I love doing. So I'm up in the air yet as to how many weddings if at all I'll do next year.

When I'm photographing a wedding, Jon's parents come up and spend the day and help out with the kids. They love it and so do the kids. Jackson and Joel love taking Grandpa on their excursions around the development.

We spend at least a full day on the weekends at my parents house. We get out there early in the morning, my dad has something on the smoker going for supper and we swim all day and play on the farm. The boys love the water and who wouldn't want to be in the pool when its so hot! On my to-do list yet this summer is to do some swimming lessons with them, I use to teach lessons about 3 years ago (or maybe more) and know at what age kids should be doing what so that's still on the to-do list.

Jackson & Joel haven't skipped a beat since the girls were born, and we're so thankful. The fact that they have each other has a lot to do with it I know. They are still obsessed with their trains although I recently introduced Mickey Mouse to them and now they are learning all about the Disney characters.

I'm done nursing the girls and pumping it's now 3:20AM and I'm going back to bed so that's all I have time for consider yourself up-to-date!


Missy... said...

You're doing awesome, Mama (& Jon!)!

Thanks so much for the update...I've been wondering how things were going up the hill. :)

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer! I came across your blog at some point in time and enjoy reading about your family adventures! Sounds like you have your hands full!

I wanted to let you know that Thomas is in Boone with a chance to ride in Sept. (you may know this already).

Happy Thursday!

Janel said...

Jen, I'm so glad you get to be a stay-at-home mommy, and that your photography business is going so well!!!! LOVING your photos on your photography blog but for some reason when I try to comment blogger acts all weird and won't let me sign in. Anyways, although you are so busy it seems like you are balancing everything well! Enjoy the rest of your summer!