Monday, July 11, 2011

Our 4th of July...Part 1

Yeah, I know I'm a week late in talking about our 4th of July weekend but it was just too fun not to blog about! Saturday we headed out to my parents to swim and hang out for the day. We got out there at 8:30 that morning and I think the boys were in the pool by 9:30! I helped mom plant some flowers, something I've been helping her do for years now I didn't think I'd get a chance to help this year but the weather was so perfect the girls were outside from 10:00 until we left haning out like this!
{Julianne in the swing} After the flower planting we took ourselves down to the pool, had lunch on the deck and swam a lot. I fed the girls outside for each feeding so it was nice I didn't have to be inside and miss out on the fun!
{Nana with Jocelyn} This was the girls' set-up for the day, they alternated between swing and bouncy chair and we never heard from either of them after they ate...such good babies!

{Julianne & Jocelyn} The boys love the freedom of their green monsters! I did a lot of this..... The boys played the game push mama off her raft....I dont like that game!

The boys jumped constantly they loved going all the way under the water and popping back up!

{Daddy & Joel} {Jackson} {Joel getting thrown up in the air!} {Jackson} {Jackson} The tractors were parked for the one wants to ride tractors when you can swim!For supper we had smoked roast and brisket, mom's baked beans, sweet corn and potato salad. Both of my grandma's game out in the afternoon to play too!

{Brynna eating her corn!} On Monday, we did the EXACT same thing, out to the house by 8:30, breakfast, swim, lunch, swim, naps for the kids, swim and supper! Bryce & Meggie came out with Luke on Monday afternoon to enjoy the pool too!

{Luke & Jackson} I think the kids at that entire bowl of fruit for supper! What a great Saturday and Monday. My parents were off on Tuesday so the kids and I went back out to the house and followed in our same schedule! Needless to say the boys were disapointed we didn't go to the "big pool at Nana and Papa's" the rest of the week. The good thing about being outside all day over the weekend, the kids ALL slept great! Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about our great Sunday that we had with Jon's family!

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