Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our 4th....Part 2

Ok here we go time for me to give this a try. When I do my Friday post I usually just write them up and send them to Jen since I have no idea how to make the pictures all pretty like she does and so one but today I am going LIVE with it since we don't have internet at home and she can't blog so she talked me through this whole process. Sunday night a storm passed through the area and knocked our power out and we are left to run on generators. What I am saying is that this probably won't be the best post but I will do my best.

So the rest of our 4th of July weekend we spent with my parents. They came up early Sunday morning. We weren't quite sure what we were going to do for the day. It was really cloudy for the pool, a little warm to be at the zoo so we hung around the house and did lots of playing. The boys love it when they can get Grandpa to follow them around the development and to pick up pinecones and just play play play. That's exactly what they did while mom and Janna were inside with Jenni and the girls. It was a great day and it ended with dinner at Hu Hot and ice cream and our new favorite spot, Lemon Tree.

Jackson trying out his sparklers Joel showing off his sparklers till one got too close to his hand Aunt Janna and Jocelyn Julianne...we are going to have TWO blue-eyed girls and Jen is sooo very excited considering she and the boys have brown eyes! Julianne Grandma and Julianne Aunt Janna and Jocelyn Grandma and Julianne laughing...within the last week and half the girls have been grinning and smiling like crazy!! Grandma and Julianne laughing harder Aunt Janna and Jocelyn...that's not a very pretty smile Jocelyn Aunt Janna and Jocelyn smiling...that's better Aunt Janna and Jocelyn Julianne Jocelyn...both girls showing off their blue eyes. Julianne Grandpa pushing Jackson and Joel....the boys love to be pushed on their swings and horsey Jackson and Joel on their horsey
What a great weekend all around, wish I could have more 3 day weekends!

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JoAnn Gander said...

I absolutely love your new family photo! Those girls sure are smilely and boy are having fun on their red horsey flying in the air with Grandpa! How can you not have fun when around those 4 wonderful kids!!! Love, Nana.