Thursday, July 7, 2011

Passanger Train

Last week, Jon and my dad's company, were invited as a customer of the Union Pacific Railroad to ride a passenger train from Des Moines to Carlisle. Of course we jumped at the idea, this was the 2nd time we've gone and the boys were in heaven!! When we pulled up to the yard they saw LOTS of "freight cars mama" "look mama coal cars" and on and on they went! They of course brought along one of their Thomas choo choo trains to play with on the ride. It was so fun seeing how excited they were about it. These passenger trains don't come around very often so at many of the street crossings there were people taking pictures and watching in amazement. Ben, Kyli and Brynna came along this time in addition to my parents and all of us. The girls really didn't think much of it, they ate and were happy campers!

{Thank you Kyli for the picture....Jackson & Joel}

When you ask the boys about riding a train, they don't think of the "small train at the zoo" they say, "big train, nana and papa ride, took my Donald and Ferdinand on the train" so they remember every detail including which Thomas the Train they took! Gosh I love my boys!

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Nana JoAnn said...

It was a very nice experience for them and they were so tickled. Quite a change from last years ride and everything they saw and talked about!