Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday update

We took all the kids to the doctor yesterday for their well visits and everyone is doing great. The girls both weigh in the 10lb. range and the boys are both 31lbs. Dr. Schutte said the girls are advanced in that they are smiling for strangers something they don't normally do until 3-4 months. They are just social little butterflys! Jackson, Joel and Julianne all seem to have a little cold or allergy thing going on right now. Julianne seems to be doing better but the boys are still snotty. We were at Adventureland on Saturday for Jon's company picnic (I'll do a post on that later after I get pictures from my sister-in-law since I didn't take my camera in) and it was rainy all day and the boys woke up the next day snotty so it could be from that or their seasonal allergies flaring up too. Hopefully, they are less snotty soon, they seem to forget they need to get a Kleenex and wipe their nose or hand on just about anything. So I'm constantly saying "get a Kleenex" and washing pillow cases, blankets and walls!

This weekend is Jon's 10 year class reunion in Marshalltown. He is looking forward to going on Saturday night. They have something Friday night and then Saturday during the day and then a dinner Saturday night, talk about a big event. Us small school folks aren't doing anything that elaborate for our reunion that is the following weekend. I'm looking forward to mine just as much as he is, hard to believe it's been 10 years for both of us!

I have a small wedding to photograph tomorrow night, I'm honestly happy this is a small wedding meaning I have to be there at 3:30 to set up, the pictures are from 4-5, wedding at 6 and I'll be home by 7. It's even here in Ankeny which makes it even better. I'm glad I don't have a full/all day wedding again until the middle of August! I'm looking forward to having just my small photo shoots for awhile to work on! Speaking of wedding photography, I got an email from a high school friend of mine saying she was doing some research for work (she works in marketing) and she came across this link​s/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/loca​l-wedding-boards_iowa-des-moin​es_photographers-near-dsm WOW was I shocked and soooo surprised to see my name on here TWICE!!! You never know what people are going to put on message boards but it sure made my day seeing that I'm actually being recommended as a photographer!

We're going to get in a lot of pool time this weekend since it's going to be a hot one again! Can't wait to get some sun and work on some more swimming lesson stuff with the boys.

Well that's my update on this week/weekend! Have a great Thursday everyone!


Missy... said...

Are you doing Mike & Maggie's wedding? If so, my parents will be there! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Thomas shirts. Where did you get them?

The cakes are cute as well, did you make them yourself?