Friday, August 19, 2011

3 months

Well we made it 3 months girls! You both are getting so big! It's hard to imagine at this time with the boys I was just now going back to work part-time and shortly thereafter full-time! I'm so thankful to be home with all 4 of the kids now! At 3 months Julianne you weigh 12lbs. and Jocelyn you weigh 11lbs. 3oz. Julianne you.....

*"talk" to people all the time

*have the biggest smile and your little dimples come out

*sleep about 6-6.5 hhours still

*prefer to nurse but will take a bottle when mommys gone

*can grab your blanky and drool all over it Jocelyn you.....

*ONLY will nurse and when mommy is gone you might choke down a couple ounces but it isn't pretty

*roll from your tummy to your back

*LOVE to stand up, you are the strongest 3 month old I know

*love to be holding onto something

*like to be talked to and then you giggle like crazy!

We all love you girls sooo very much!

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The Bormann Family said...

they are getting so big!!! What are the major differences to tell them apart- does just one have the dimple?