Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As I mentioned a week ago we went to Adventureland for Jon and my dad's compnay picnic. Last year the boys did NOT want to ride on rides by themselves....this year we couldn't get enough! Ben, Kyli and Brynna came along tooo and all he kids had a great time! We had invisioned spending the day in the waterpark soaking up the sun....well it rained pretty much all day! Oh well, we still had a great time and I think it was better than sweating all day in these temps we've had here lately, 114 heat index, I think not! {Joel & Jackson on the frogger, they were soooo excited for this....}

hands up so the lap bar can go down

{Joel and Jackson...thumbs up means we're all ready!} Just a little scared! They didn't cry but kept saying "all done" as the ride was going on!

{Joel, Brynna and Jackson}

{Brynna and Jackson}

{Jackson, Brynna and Joel on the boats}

A huge thank-you to Kyli for all the great pictures!

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