Monday, August 29, 2011


So I've been WAAAYYY behind in blogging and took a little hiatus last week. I scheduled two weddings back-to-back to photograph and with my regular client appointments I'm just drowning right now so I needed a little break! Lots has been going on in the Waters household and this week we'll play catch up!

So first up...The girls' baptism:

A couple weeks ago, we had Julianne and Jocelyn's baptism. It was a great day to celebrate them with our family. We bought bread from Jimmy John's and had all the fixin's to make subs and had a watermelon fruit basket and chips. My mom made her wonderful frozen Oreo cookie and ice cream dessert. It was a perfect day!



{Our family....this is as good at it gets!}

{Jon & I and the girls...oh Julianne must you snarl?}

{Uncle Ben & Aunt Janna - the Godparents}{Jocelyn getting baptized}
{Julianne getting baptized}

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