Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iowa State Fair 2011

On Thursday last week we went to the Iowa State fair to the Twins, Triplets and More contest. This is a shot of the boys before the contest...they were getting really ancy! Joel, you are so silly! They got 3rd in their age division for most alike The girls also got 3rd in their age group

{Jackson and Joel waiting to go on}
The boys on stage with Jon, I was off feeding the girls during the boys' age group

{Joel showing off his ribbon...he looks real excited!}

Afterwards we walked around all the animal buildings, the boys really liked the horses.
The highlight of the fair for sure was the new Hands on Farm...they loved wearing these little aprons and getting to "farm". So much so that we went back on Sunday to allow them to do it again!

{Picking out their "seeds" to plant}

{Planting their "seeds"}
{Jackson showing off his basket of goodies}
{Picking an apple from the tree}

{Jackson} {Jackson}

We pretty much ate our way around the fair on Thursday and then again on Sunday, why is it that even when you walk in the door at 8AM you are starving!!?? I tried the newest butter on a stick and it was sooo yummy! Tasted like monkey bread or a cinnamon roll. We are so glad that we went this year and with the boys being a year older they enjoyed it so much more!

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