Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Settlers 2011

Last weekend we stayed at my parents spent the weekend into Maxwell at the Old Settlers town celebration. We had a great time! Saturday morning was a little parade (31 minutes long...PERFECT for kids and adults!) and Friday night and Saturday after the parade until about 2:30 we spent the time at the park riding rides, eating and socializing with lots of friends! This year there was an wristband you could buy to ride all the rides you want on Friday from 4-9 and Saturday from 12-5...the boys sure got their monies worth for sure! What a great idea from the vendor/committee that way we didn't have to carry little tickets around the whole time.

{this is the one ride I rode with the boys, my mom and I are the only ones who can do spinney rides with them and this was a little too fast...we had to have them stop it part way through as they kept saying "all done mama"} {Jocelyn and Julianne made it through their first parade!} {Daddy & Joel} {Mama and Jackson} {Oh Julianne you were being such a drama queen you had to be all swaddled up!} {My grandma holding Jossy...she always grabs on to her and Jossy just loves being held by her, Gram always talks and talks to her!} {Jackson picking up candy}

{Joel & Jackson} {Joel picking up candy}

{Joel and Jackson waiting for the parade to start!} {These rides aren't secure or anything like you'd get at Adventrueland or another amusement park, this ride they just sat in this little bath tub looking thing and spun in a circle and you can spin that little wheel Jackson has his hand on to spin your little tub. They loved this ride!}

{A mini Ferris wheel...there were sooo many rides that the boys could ride this year, perfect vendor for little kids!}

{Jackson & Joel}

{Joel on the mini carousal} {Jackson...see the orange wristband on this right hand...I FINALLY talked them into taking it off today! They kept saying, "No mama, need it for more rides, ride more rides at Nana & Papa's, ride more rides need band!" It was cute but it was looking a little dingy and had to go!!}

{Jackson and Joel}
{Joel} {Jackson} So the kids had a great time and Sunday was spent as a day to relax in the pool, following Papa and Daddy around on the farm and the Cathcart family joined us at the pool for a few hours. A fun weekend had by all!

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