Friday, September 2, 2011

Eating or the lack thereof

So I've been meaning to write about this for some time but just hadn't gotten around to it. So if you read frequently you know that I'm breastfeeding the girls and they both do fabulous. The problem...when I'm not around! There have only been 5 times that I haven't nursed them and those are when I've been photographing a wedding. Julianne has no problem taking a bottle or a pacifier but little Miss Jocelyn on the other hand...she would rather starve than eat from anything besides me or take a pacifier! My pediatrician says that some babies are like that and will just hold out all day and wait for mom. According to my mom, I was the same way and wouldn't take a pacifier or bottle either.

Two weekends ago, I traveled to Audubon for a wedding and half way through the day I got a text saying Jossy has only eaten about an ounce. She wasn't super crabby but of course at almost 4 months old they are eating more than an ounce. I think total for that day she took two ounces. When I booked the 9 weddings I have this year I said I would need breaks to pump every 3 hours and that was ok with every bride but little did I know that pumping wouldn't be enough...if I knew she wouldn't take a bottle I would have NEVER booked a wedding. Talk about making for a stressful day for mama knowing that your baby isn't eating!

Nursing is something that I'm committing myself too for as long as they will nurse if that means that I have to be there for every feeding that's what I'm going to do. I know these are my last babies and I want to indulge in every possible minute. So this last weekend the wedding I was photographing was in Des Moines, and after the stressful day the weekend before Jon jokingly said, "I'm just going to bring the girls to you for each feeding". Hey, why not I thought and that's what he did and everyone was MUCH happier. We took out the middle row of seats in the van, brought bouncy chairs for them, my nursing pillow and I sat on the floor and fed them. When I was done I'd go back to working and Jon would play with them and he spent the day running errands in West Des Moines.

I have a much needed break from weddings and my next one isn't until the last weekend in September and then the first weekend in October, one in the middle of October and the final one the first weekend in November and thankfully, all are pretty close that Jon can just come with and bring the girls making all of our lives a little easier! Also, on weekends when I have basic photo shoots I schedule them all around feedings. It sure is nice to be able to make your own hours!

Now hopefully, this phase of only wanting to eat from me doesn't impact starting cereal, or food in the next few months and then eventually introducing a sippy cup. But we'll just roll with whatever and in the meantime it sure makes a mommy feel good to be needed and I'm happy I get to fully experience nursing the girls.

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Missy... said...

Soooo glad you found a solution and I totally know what you mean -- having a baby that won't take a bottle or paci is so stressful on us mamas! I've had 2 babies like that. Some people just don't understand, but I'd much rather commit to being with my kids basically all the time for a 12+ months than have regrets later on because I didn't spend that time with them. Day trips, road trips, and vacations can wait for me. I have the rest of my life to do those things. Babies are only babies once. :)