Friday, September 30, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

This project has been taking up my time the last few weeks and this is only phase one! I'm very glad we decided to put in a patio and we will get a lot of use out of it since we like to eat outside when it is nice out. Here are pictures of the progress.

The before, digging out the grass...the boys were great helpers!

Of course Jenn wanted this cement slab removed and not just to put the patio around it!

It's a good thing our neighbor had a skid loader I could use to do that! What a lot of working hauling the concrete out! Again the boys were good helpers.

A huge thank-you to Brian for letting me use that!

Then I got rock and sand and laid the base The steps were a bit of a challenge. After the help of Bryce and Andy one night they weren't the way we wanted to I had to rethink and redo them two more times until we were happy with them. Jackson and his tool belt Jenn wanted the large flagstone pieces like we have in the front but this was the next best thing and only a quarter of the price! Also, a huge thank you to my dad for his help running the tamper, hauling rock/block and helping me out. Also to Jenn's dad and brother for their help as well. We're lucky to have great family and friends to help us out! We just love how it turned out! And Jenn gave our patio table a fresh coat of paint, bought new chair cushions and a new umbrella and looks as good as new! I have another table I'm going to DIY and then in the spring we'll be completing this project. See how we have the landscaping that goes all the way around the house? We're going to finish that around the patio and put in 4 walkways and then a couple pillars on the corners of the patio with a bench coming out of each side...that is my vision and then it will be complete! But we're very happy with how it turned out so far.


The Bormann Family said...

Looks great!!! A patio is #1 on my DIY llist for next summer


Mandy said...

looks GREAT!

Shona Martinez said...
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Shona Martinez said...
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Shona Martinez said...

That was quite a lot of work. Your yard is very spacious, which is good and bad. The good side is that it’ll be easier for you to design it, unlike with having a small space. The bad side is it needs a lot of work, which means you need an extra hand. Good thing you have little helpers there. Your family’s hard work definitely paid off. You all did a fantastic job on the patio. ->Shona Martinez