Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Preschool

Jackson and Joel started 3 year old 2 days a week (Tuesday & Friday) preschool last week. Friday was their first day and they were sooo excited to go to "me pe schhool". They've now gone 2 days and have SO much to talk about when I pick them up and say they can't wait to go back!

{Jackson's first day}

{Joel's first day} {Jackson and Joel being silly boys...they were saying, "all done mama me go to school now!"}{Joel and Jackson in front of the big sign} {"Taking their picture from "home" and moving it to the "preschool" since that's where they are now.} Each day they move their picture and hang up their backpack. On Tuesday this week when I dropped them off they knew exactly what to do and needed nor wanted any help from me! They even got their bag unzipped and took their folder out and put it in the basket and put their name tag on. I was soooo proud of them on the first day. They walked right in the classroom and turned around and said "bye!" There were some other kids crying so they turned around and looked at us and got that look on their face like they wanted to start crying and Jon and I shut the door and immediately walked away. Unlike the other parents who stood in the doorway and hoovered and said, "oh it's ok" and so on. People, like you standing in the doorway looking at them and continually talking to them as they are crying is going to make it any better, shut the door and WALK AWAY!!! When I got there to pick them up, which is pretty slick, the parents all have signs we put in our windows with our child's name on them and the vehicles are in one big line and slowly inch forward as we wait our turn and the teachers walk the kids to the cars. I have been pretty close to the front each time and only have to wait about 5 minutes to get the boys.

We are soo glad we decided to send the boys to preschool they love it and are happy to have something that is all about them. Plus, since I'm staying home now this allows them to interact with someone other than boring ol' me all day!

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Mandy said...

they are so cute! glad the first few days went well!!