Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...I've been a bad blogger but I've got 4 little excuses that keep me busy all day everyday!

....I've been bad about taking pictures of my kiddos too, I just can't seem to get my camera out, I feel like I've got it in my hand all the time for my clients and as sad as it is, don't want to take a single picture when I'm not being paid to!

....Julianne and Jocelyn had their 4 month appointment yesterday and got shots. As last time, they both had low grade fevers the rest of the day. They are SOOO much fun right now I love every minute I get to spend with them and as sad as it is to say, I'm really treasuring each minute with them more so than I did the boys. With the boys I felt like I had too much going on and couldn't really enjoy them. I probably have more going on now (with 2 toddlers running around, photography, etc.) but not having to work outside the home has made the world of difference in my attitude toward enjoying the kids!

....I had a photo session on Monday night and last night I met with my bride for my wedding this weekend (yes that's 2 weddings in a row, I don't know what I was thinking!!) I have 2 more the rest of the year the 14th of October and November 5th. I'm looking forward to now having a break from weddings, at least 2 a month since June was a lot!

....Speaking of last weekend, the boys attended a wedding with my parents while Jon and the girls came to Clear Lake with me. We met up with my parents at the reception in Clear Lake and brought the boys home with us it was a LONG day and lots of driving! On Sunday, I had a photo session at 10, headed to Marshalltown for a birthday party by 11 and then headed to Boone by 1 to go enjoy our "Day out with Thomas" and take a train ride. The boys had a blast (hopefully I can blog on that later this week)

....Jon has been doing some cleaning up outside: cleaning of the flower beds, the garden and getting stuff ready to head out to my parents to tore for the winter. We're getting ready to get started on our fall/winter project...finishing the basement and moving my studio to the other side of the basement.

....Jackson and Joel LOVE preschool. They have so much to tell me about when I pick them up and they are really learning. The know what sounds each of the letters make, how to use scissors, they've made applesauce, talked about the leaves changing colors, etc. I think they wish they could go every day.

....We're looking forward to using our season passes to the Center Grove Orchard. I think we'll spend many weekends out there in the future and I'll take the kids there during the day. The boys had sooo much fun there last year and will enjoy it even more this year.

Well there is a little update on us! I'll try and post some pictures this week, we have some first for the girls I need to post and of course the train pictures from this past weekend!

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