Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Yeah I know it's Thursday and I'm doing a weekend update from last weekend but I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here and do a review of the weekend/week and preview of this weekend too!

So last Saturday while my hubby went to the biggest football game in the state (Iowa vs Iowa State not a turnout in his favor by the way, the Hawks choked!) I took the kids to the Des Moines Farmer's Market. I met my mom and niece, Brynna there. All the kids had a great time, the highlight, the train ride, all 3 wanted to ride it for a second time. We closed down the farmer's market and then I took the kids and went to a local park for a picnic and so I could feed the girls) and Mom and Brynna went back to the farm to play. After our picnic my kiddos and I headed onto the mall to do some shopping. Besides the fact that we looked like a circus act walking through the mall (I only took my double stroller but had long toys hooked onto the sides so the boys could ALWAYS be holding onto the stroller on each side.) It worked perfectly and when they got tired they stood on the front of the stroller up on the foot rest and held onto the girls' carseats. Everyone was sooo good and between the mall and the strip mall shops around it I fed the girls in the van and on we went! We got home early evening and Jon got home shortly after and then we all headed out to a Saylorville Lake so I could do a photo shoot.

Sunday was a SUPER BUSY day! I had a photo session at 8AM, nursed the girls at 9AM, photo sessions again at 10 and 11, nursed the girls at 12, photo session at 1 and then went over to my friends' house for her 31 Gifts Open House at 2, fed the girls at 3 and then headed to my parents to check out what fall girl clothes I had in storage and then we got back home at 5:00 to eat supper and so I could feed the girls at 6 and then at 7 Joel and I had a date to the grocery store!!! Jon manned the kiddos while I was gone off and on and did a few things outside. Goodness that day went fast and the next thing I know we're all doing baths and getting ready for bed!

Then this week, I stayed up after I fed the girls at 3AM on Sunday night to work on photo sessions (I tend to do this 1-2 times a week) otherwise I would NEVER get them turned around plus I HATE to have to sit at my computer ALL DAY EVERY DAY during the week days and miss out on time with the kids! So I got a few of the session done and then finished the rest in the wee hours on Wednesday morning.

The boys had preschool on Tuesday and they are still LOVING it! I don't get much out of them in terms of what they did but they DO tell me when/if they painted or not, a favorite activity of a 3 year old of course! This week they are working on the letter T and brought home big cut outs that they colored and right when we walked in the door they emptied their folders and asked to hang up their drawings. So we rotate the drawings on my little Ikea wall hanging and the fridge and then they talk about them all week! They have to take in an apple on Friday since the letter A and "apple' are what they are working on next week. Love this 3 year old age!!

Tuesday night we headed to JC Penny for a quick family picture, I do the girls' pictures every 2 months and we do a family picture each time and this time (like the newborn family picture) we had them do it. I've had some awesome coupons for a free sitting fee and for $4 total I get an 8x10 and 2 5x7s to replace the previous family pictures on my walls! After our quick session we headed to Babies R Us and Sam's and got home by 8.

Yesterday a friend came over and bought a bunch of the boys' clothes that don't fit (I've got everything all tagged and ready for the big multiples garage sale next week) and then last night I headed to a girlfriend's house and bought some of her twin girls clothes (I love it that I can get hand-me-downs for the kids for as little as they wear them it works out perfectly) and then we went for an ice cream cone, and yes I realize it was only 50 degrees last night but it sounded good, before getting home again at 8!

Today and tonight I'm taking the girls' 4 month pictures it usually takes me all day when I do it by myself as I only have about a half hour window when the girls are happy/not sleeping between feedings and when I can keep the boys entertained to get them done and I have about 5 outfits I want to shoot them in! That is as busy as we're going to be today.

Friday brings another day at preschool and then a photo shoot Friday night. Jon will get all his tailgating stuff ready for a home Iowa Hawkeye home game on Saturday. Since he'll be driving to the game on Saturday the kids and I will be home all day since we won't have a vehicle we all fit in to go anywhere. I think it's going to be a little warmer so we'll play outside and probably go on a walk. And Sunday I have 2 photo sessions (one in the morning and one at night) and we'll actually have a nice day to be at home together and not running around!!

Whew...that was a long update/preview but consider yourself all up-to-date on what's been going on with the Waters family!


The Bormann Family said...

Do you have photo shop actions set up? I don't know how you do it, but I know some photographers set up actions and it takes all your pictures through all the same steps automatically - then you might have to edit more from there. Might save you some time.

becky said...

When/where is the multiples garage sale? I always miss it!

jill said...

i double the when/where is the multiples sale? i would love to hit it up.