Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 months

On Sunday our little princesses turned 5 months old! Wow that was a fast 5 months! I took them in for a weight check and Julianne is 14lbs. 9oz. and Jocelyn is 14lbs. even! She is catching up to her big sister!

{Julianne & Jocelyn}At 5 months Julianne:

*you can roll all over the place, you just started rolling last Friday. You totally skipped rolling the easy way from tummy to back and decided to roll from your back to your tummy first and then on Saturday you figured out the easy way. No there is no stopping you (as you can tell above) mama had a hard time capturing these pictures!

*you still refuse to eat cereal...that's ok you really don't need it right now, we will try again in another week or so

*you wish that your little brothers would entertain you more! You love when they give you the time of day, which is rarely, but when they do you are all smiles!

*you aren't the best night time sleeper these days, you want to wake up at 1 instead of 3 or 4 when your sister does and have a little snack, don't tell Jossy but mama sneaks you one, well you know, but I sneak you one while you are still swaddled up standing outside your crib nothing too long but it ties you over until your sister is finally ready to wake up

*you cry and when you do you want your paci or to be swaddled and then magically the world is all better.

*you sure like your naps! You eat and then about an hour later it is nap time, like clock work little miss!

At 5 months Jocelyn:

*you rolled over for the first time and stood up like a big girl at only 2 months old. Since then you have continued to roll from your tummy to your back. You are almost there from your back to your tummy but get your little arm stuck!

*you are such a calm baby and when I say you never cry, I mean, you never cry! Everything about you is calm, cool an collected!

*when you wake up to eat in the middle of the night, unlike your sister, I don't even know you are awake! I hear something moving around in your room and come in and your are so smiley, you'd never know it had been 6 or 7 hours since the last time you ate.

*you also refuse to eat any cereal. It's ok sweet girl, you'll get it eventually but for now you just let it sit in your mouth and smile until it all runs out!

*you are more awake during the day than your sister is. Sometimes you won't nap between feedings, you are just content hanging our in your swing, bouncy chair or on the floor while your sister naps (notice how she is more the demanding one)!

*you LOVE LOVE LOVE to stand! I think you are ready for your jumperoo or exersaucer, you would love them both!

Your daddy and I love you two so very much, we just wish you would stop getting so big, could you work on that?

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