Monday, October 17, 2011


A couple weekends the kids and I went out to my mom and dad's while Jon was at the Iowa game. One of the benefits of having corn fields on your property is you don't have to drive far to cut them down for fall decoration! And at $10 for a bundle of 10-15 from Earl May what a deal! Plus the boys just loved "farmin'" as they called it. If you asked them they were wearing their farm clothes and their farm hats. They helped mom cut the stalks down, drug them out of the field and loaded them into the truck. They had a blast and I just love these pictures of them by the field.

{Jackson} {Joel} {Joel} {Jackson} They were collecting corn to feed the cows at our old daycare Gosh, I remember hiding in the corn when I was little and having so much fun playing with my brothers, they boys were having just as much fun! {Joel & Jackson} Oh and Jossy sat on the boys' tractor, you would've thought the world was going to end...see Jackson's hands up by his face in the background...he was having a fit! Sorry Jacks, I think it has only begun! pretty girl in her jammies still! They loved that Jessie would jump up in the truck with them and ride in the back!

Joel going for a ride in the back of the truck (we hardly drove too far, from the field to the shed to the garage)!

Heading up to the house to get some straw so we can then head to mommy and daddy's house to deliver the stalks. What a fun day we had...thank you mom for helping gather the corn for me while I pushed the girls in the stroller around the farm. And another huge thanks for delivering the corn, straw and pumpkins directly to our house, sure saved me a lot of time!

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