Friday, October 28, 2011

Hallonween Spirit

We are in the Halloween spirit around here! Here is Joel trying on part of Jackson's witch costume. Joel is going to be a ghost, I'm going to be finishing up his costume today! Yesterday, we painted pumpkins and they loved that! We'll carve our pumpkins probably Saturday night. They talked about the letter "P" and pumpkins this week at preschool and got to look at the inside of a pumpkin and touch and feel the seeds so when I told them we will carve our pumpkins later they started talking about the seeds! {Jackson & Joel...oh and yes they are in their jammies...we were lazy yesterday in that respect!}{Jackson} {Joel} Their finished pumpkins! And finally, we've had our Halloween decorations up since the beginning of September so here are some pictures of everything all decorated

{bat lights hang from the mantle} {one of the side table in the livingroom} {little plant stand}

{kitchen counter...oh and we made Halloween cookies yesterday too!}{SPIDERS!} {the entryway}
{another shot of the entryway...changes are coming for this spot and this table, its a work in progress right now!} {bathroom} {bathroom sink} {outside} {front little patio} Tonight we are taking the kids to Night Eyes at the Zoo, should be a fun time! Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

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