Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

On Saturday night we headed to Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo...the boys had a good time but we didn't think it was all that great. Here is Joel the ghost and Jackson the witch...the boys just LOVE their costomes and for months now we'd been asking them what they wanted to be and they always said the same thing! Sunday afternoon we had visitors from my mom and dad and Jon's parents too. That was a great start to our Trick-or-Treat night! We then took supper over to my Grandma (she had hip replacement surgery a week and a half ago) and visited her and let her see the kiddos all dressed up! Julianne and Jocelyn weren't really anything. I had Halloween shirts with their names on them and matching tutus for them to wear. We then got back home and all headed out...minus the girls and I. It was sooo windy and cold!
{Joel (had to cut out the eyes so he could see better) Jackson, Brady and Luke} The kids had a blast running from house to house! Glad Jon took my camera to snap a few pictures of my ghost and witch!

Tonight we are headed up to Maxwell to visit my other grandma and get her famous popcorn balls! Can't wait!! Then we'll take the boys around to a few house and I'll go with them this time!

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