Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orchard Time

As I've mentioned before we bought a season pass to the Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge and it was one of the best things we did this fall. The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE it out there. I swear they could spend hours running back and forth through the 3 little pigs houses! I've taken all the kids up during the week more than a handful of times and it is the PERFECT time to go. Jon didn't get a chance to go out there with us last year so his first time was on a Sunday afternoon and boy was that miserable! There were WAAAYYY too many people there! The boys still had fun but didn't enjoy waiting in line since during the week they are usually the only ones on the jumping pillow and slide! But still had fun showing daddy all the fun stuff they do with mama when they go there. I'm hoping we can make it up there a few more times yet this year.

{They so bad wanted to peddle on these tractors but the peddles are just far enough away it is still hard for them to do it on their own...and hard for me to push them at the same time AND watch the babies!} {Jackson} {Joel} {Fun on the jumping pillow!} {There were a lot of preschools and schools filtering through a couple days when we were there, the boys loved looking at all the school buses and kept asking when they could ride on one!}{Sooo brave...I couldn't take them down the slide and again watch the babies...although I did a couple time when there weren't other people around...didn't want them to think I was just leaving 2 babies in a stroller unattended but the boys did great going down the super slide all on their own!}{Jackson} {Joel climbing the big hill to the top} {I did take Jossy down with me one day...she was awake and Julianne was asleep and the boys thought she needed a ride!}{Helping daddy milk the cow} {I think this picture is very fitting of Jon...the troll!} {Joel} {Jackson}{Jackson & Joel}{Roping the steer!} {The train isn't there during the week so the boys were very excited to ride it on the weekend when we were there}One thing about the weekend, people sure don't know how to dress when they go to an orchard! I saw girls/women/ladies (whatever) in fancy jeans with jewels on them, nice shoes or boots, pretty/fancy sweaters, definitely "city folk" trying to fit in on the "farm" it was funny. Definitely not the place for attire like that when its windy blowing the sand/dust around and crawling in corn with your kids or riding on bales of straw on the hay ride! {Joel going down with daddy}

{Train ride 3 of 4!} {Waving at us but not even looking!} We all love, love, love this orchard and I especially like the fudge that you can buy in the store! If you haven't ever gone and taken your kids...GO it's a fabulous time! I grew up going to this orchard as kid only that time it was called Black's. It is just a few miles from Maxwell and my parents house. And the owner, use to be one of our teachers in school, well now her son owns it but I sure love to see her out there working when we go, they sure have put in a lot of work to make it the place it is now!

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