Monday, October 10, 2011

Week in Review

Last week (Wednesday and Thursday) we took advantage of the weather and our season pass to Center Grove Orchard and went out there both mornings. The boys LOVED it and wanted to stay all day. It was nice not waiting in lines like the weekends!

Also on Wednesday we headed down to Methodist Hospital to have my blood draw so I can become a certified breast milk donor. And on Friday I heard my blood tests came back negative and I passed and can start donating anytime! Time to get our deep freezers back since I'm not using my milk I'm freezing everyday!

Friday Jon, Andy and Bryce headed to southern Iowa to do some camping and have a nice boys night. They had a great time.

Saturday I had 2 photo shoots and a huge thank you to Jon's mom and sister for coming up bright and early to watch the kids. We had a friend take a large group family picture and then played at the park. We got back home and the kids all took naps and then we had a yummy supper at Olive Garden to celebrate Janna's birthday. It was a fun day with family!

Sunday we headed to the Harvester golf course early to meet clients for a couple photo shoots and then went back to the orchard so Jon could come along. He hadn't ever been and was very impressed! We went to his work to wash the van then had supper at Chili's. It was a great weekend!

This week is just as busy: Jon has a work supper tonight, I have a photo shoot tomorrow night, lunch at my old work and hair cuts and fire department visit Wednesday night, Thursday night a friend is stopping over and then I have a multiples meeting at 7 and then Friday I'm shooting a wedding. Saturday Jon is gone to the Iowa game and Sunday we'll go back to the orchard and a couple photo shoots!

Stayed tuned for the fun pictures this week!

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