Monday, November 21, 2011

6 months

Julianne at six months old you.....

*weigh 15lbs. 5oz. when I took you in for a weight check last week (have our official 6 month apt. in a couple weeks)

*can roll all over the place you especially like to push your arms staight out and lift yourself high off the floor

*have been having trouble sleeping lately, you are my "snacker" and want to wake at night every 2.5-3 hours to eat, we're working on stopping you and are almost back to 4 hours but have a long way to go to catch up to your sissy

*still nurse so well, you love your bonding time with your mama

*wish your brothers would stop their running and play with you for 10-15 minutes a day, you sure love to watch them and if you're crying and they come around you, you immediatly stop and smile!

*love to pull your paci out of our mouth, put it back in, turn it upside down in your hands and put it in again you will even "yell" really loud at it

*enjoy your exersaucer, you reach for all the things standing up and put them in your mouth and spin yourself around

*are working on eating with a spoon, (we've been doing this for a week now) and you are catching on. We've started with green beans and are moving onto squash this week!

*your smile and dimples sure light up your mommy and daddy's heart we love you so much Julianne! Jocelyn at six months old you.....

*weigh 14lbs. 10oz. when I took you in for your weight check last week

*still will only nurse we've tried a bottle a couple times and still no dice, that's ok mama enjoys your our bonding time during those feedings and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

*can roll across the floor to go after a toy and have done so to get your brother's trains

*still love to stand more than sit, and because of this you sit in your jumperoo for sometimes 40 minutes at a time!

*are now a semi-pro at eating from a spoon and love your green beans!

*love to sit and watch your brothers play and Joel will sometimes bouncy your bouncy seat for you and you smile at him the whole time!

*stick your tongue out and rub it on your gums like its your job you sure are figuring out that mouth of yours you even smack those lips together all the time and make some crazy noises!

*we love that gummy little smile you flash your mommy and daddy all the time we love you so much Jocelyn!

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