Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baking 2011

Over the weekend we had our annual baking weekend we didn't make nearly as much stuff this year which was nice so didn't take a full 2 days but still had a lot of yummies! We went into my Grandma Schauper's house again this year, she loves having us and she has a lot of room to spread out! The boys did a little help on Saturday with helping to mix things together but were very excited for Sunday morning when we decorated all the cookies. Here is a our day in pictures!

{Nana and Julianne having a snuggle moment}

{Daddy and Jocelyn} {Julianne} {Joel with an apron on} {Grandma dishing out oreo balls} {Daddy getting help on the tablet} {daddy entertaining the kids playing angry birds Rio version} {Santa Claus stopped by for a visit}

{Jackson watching his pretzels dry}
{Jackson...doesn't he look cute in his little apron they were sooo excited to wear them, good thing that was one of the things we got them for Christmas} {Uncle Michael on puppy chow duty!} {Joel watching over Grandma's shoulder as she gets the frosting all mixed up}

{Nana, Joel and Gram}{Joel doing a little taste testing} {Joel giving mama a taste} {Jackson letting mama taste his pretzel} {Nana helping Jackson frost...they went from frosters to decorators with the sprinkles and pretties, they liked that job a lot better!} {Uncle Michael helping Joel} {Grandma Schauper} {Mama dippping pretzels} {Daddy getting a nap in while the boys were decorating and the girls were napping too} {Joel, Grandma, Jackson and Michael} {Daddy and Julianne getting some snuggle time...just love this picture!}

What a fun weekend had by all!

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