Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at the Waters

On Saturday morning we got up and headed to Marshalltown to spend the day.  Last year we packed our snow pants and snow boots...this year we didn't need all that stuff, no snow on the ground here!  We got there around 10:30 and had breakfast and then we exchanged gifts.  All of the kids were spoiled by Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Janna.  We had a great time.  We then hung around until time for church and watched the boys play with all their new trains and toys.  Their favorite....Cranky and Flynn Save the Day...those parents who have train loving kids know what I'm talking about!  Later that afternoon we all got cleaned up and went to church.  After church we came back to the house and had supper with all of Jon's extended family and we exchanged gifts with all of them as well.  We tried to get all 11, yes 11 kids and one on the way (Jon's cousin is due early next year) on the couch for a picture...didn't turn out so hot but will be fun to compare these each year.  So here is our wonderful day in pictures! 

{Jocelyn opening her gift}
 {Julianne enjoying a box}
 {Jackson, Jocelyn, Julianne & Joel}
 {Jocelyn & Julianne}
 {Jocelyn & Julianne}
 {Jossy opening her stocking}
 {Julianne checking out her new baby}
 {Daddy helping Jewels with a new toy}
 {Grandpa and Joel}
 {Notice Jackson playing with Cranky in the background?}
 {Attempts of all of the kids}

 {Carter, Maddy, Autumn holding Jocelyn, Ashton holding Julianne, Joel, Jackson, Jaxson, Larrs and JJ}
 {Grandma helping Joel and holding Jewels}
 {Grandma and Jewels}
 {Grammy and her girls}
 {Aunt Janna and Julianne}
When we got home that night, Christmas Eve night, all of the kids had baths and then we all opened up our new jammies and put them on and sat on our bed and read the Night Before Christmas it was the end to a great day.  

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