Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A fun weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday morning I had a photo session and then we headed off to Lowe's for the 2nd part of the Build & Grow with me series, the coal car. The boys had a great time and were so excited to get the 2nd part of their train. We headed home and I had another photo session and then we all packed up headed to the Stoney Creek Inn in Johnston for Jon's Christmas party and to stay the night. We got there at 3 and met his parents there. They got a hotel room for us all to stay in and they watched the kids while we went downstairs to the party. It was sooo nice having them there and very convenient for feeding the girls! We did a lot of swimming and the girls really enjoyed the water as did the boys. They ordered pizza for dinner and had a fun night playing trains, reading books and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and my parents joined us as well. Then we made one more trip to the pool and my mom and dad got to swim with the kids before checking out. Here are pictures to document the fun we had!


{The pool was indoor and outdoor and the boys had fun going back and forth} {Grandma and Jocelyn}
{Mama and her girls}
{Jossy loved back floating}

{Grandpa and Joel swimming away}
{Julianne so happy after her swim} {Jewels} {Julianne} {Jossy was sooo tired after her long swim} {Jewels} {Daddy and Joel jumping in} {"This is soap, right mama," says Jackson while playing in the hot tub} {Julianne getting a nap in at the pool} What a fun, fun weekend! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for coming along and watching the kids!

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