Thursday, December 8, 2011


It's no secret that I've been a bad blogger...I've been swamped with photo sessions to edit and turn around in literally 2 days...not kidding there because I know my clients love me when they can get them super fast for their Christmas cards. So between the laptop on my lap most days and nursing the girls and controlling the boys I haven't had time for much!

So a little catch up post it is....

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both of our families. Celebrating with family always goes way too fast and we are now looking forward to Christmastime. On Thanksgiving night my mom and I headed to the stores for some Black Friday shopping at 10:15PM and didn't get home until 6:15AM!! I got 98% of my shopping done and we got all we were after; new tv and laptop for her, new tv for me and all of my Christmas gifts including stocking stuffers! This was the first time in years that mom had been and she had a great time. Our time was cut short since she had to be to work at 7:30. Jon managed the kids by was a rocky night for the girls and they were happy to have their feeding source back for their 7AM feeding! Jon was home all day Friday and when I got home he and the boys were off to the tree farm to cut down our tree and I got all the decorating done around the house while they were gone and when they got home we started on the tree!

That weekend brought more photo sessions and then we headed to my Grandma's for Thanksgiving. That Monday the girls had their 6 month apt. and I did some Cyber Monday shopping it's hard to pass up 60% off at the Baby Gap! The boys were off to preschool on Tuesday and Friday. I had a couple photo sessions during the week which brought more editing.

Now we're up to last weekend....On Saturday morning we headed to Lowe's for their Build to Grow program the month of December is train month meaning every Saturday is a new part of the train to build. So the boys got to build a caboose and they were SOOO excited and looked rather cute in their aprons and saftey glasses. We then headed over to Bass Pro Shop and had our family picture taken with Santa, the boys admired the train and played with the race cars. We spent a good hour there and could've been longer but our time was cut short with a client waiting at home for pictures. Then the boys took a quick nap and at 4 we headed up to Boone along with a lot of my fellow multiples moms for a ride on the "Polar Express" (pictures to come in another post). Then on Sunday morning I had a photo shoot at 9 and then we headed to a birthday party after that and then onto the Botanical Center for pictures at 1:30. I really want a mother's ring so we were off to Jared at Jordan Creek to check those out and have an ornament made for the girls' first Christmas and get our last grab bag gifts.

This week...Monday was jammie day in our house and yes I even drove to get the mail in my bright red bath robe when I told Jon he said, "you did not" which was followed by, "does it look like I changed?" Hey no one is home at 11:45 to even look and if they were like they would care. We snuggled on the couch pretty much all day, played the matching game, flash cards, worked on pictures. After I dropped the boys off at preschool Tuesday I returned some things and did a little shopping. And yesterday and today start our holiday session at the library. On Wednesday we go to Stories and Signs at 11AM and Thursdays are Storytime at 10:15AM. And then tonight I get to photograph a 3 day old! Tomorrow is preschool day and I'm going to the chiropractor for the first time since before I was pregnant and then Friday night I'm getting a manicure and pedicures with the girls! CAN'T WAIT!!

So consider yourself all caught up and I promise to be a better blogger. Next week I'll be showing how festive it looks around our house and some of the fun things we are doing with the kids to get into the holiday spirit!

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