Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas

When we got home Saturday night we had to sprinkle out the reindeer food as to make sure Santa's reindeer had something to eat too.  The boys were sooo excited! Sophie happened to get out when we got home and were carrying stuff in and was eating their reindeer food, the boys were freaking out, so in the kitty went! We got our cookies and milk all sat out too.  
We all slept in on Christmas morning.  The girls got up at 7:30 and the boys shortly after so by time we got downstairs it was close to 8:30! The first thing the boys said when they saw all the stockings filled and the gifts was "wow, wow, wow" it was sooo cute! They were excited that Santa had eaten the cookies they left for him as well!
{the girls were so smiley and happy little Jossy girl}
{Jewels loves the tags}
{Joel trying on my new hat}
{Jackson was sooo excited for his McQueen lunchbox its all he asked Santa for each time we saw him}
{Joel opening his Santa gifts}
{Joel being silly in his new hat}
{I was sooo excited to get a little tool set to keep in the house in the closet, I was getting tired, err Jon was getting tired of running out to the shed/garage each time I needed a hammer/nails/screws!}
{Jackson trying on his new apron}
{Joel in his apron}
{Julianne checking out her rock}
{Mama and Joel}
{Daddy helping Joel put on his new slippers}
{Julianne and Jocelyn opening their gifts}
{I found these little rocks at the craft show, they will look cute in a flower bed this summer so we each got our own!}
We had so fun opening gifts on Christmas morning. After we were done we ate monkey bread (a tradition we have done for the last 5 years) that I had put in the oven when we started our gift opening and then we all got ready to move on to my grandma's house for lunch! 

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