Friday, December 9, 2011

Ride on the Polar Express

Like I mentioned yesterday last Saturday we took all the kids and headed to Boone to ride on the Polar Express. My multiples group organized this ride and we had a full car of members and their families. As we arrived and saw all of the trains the boys were quickly naming them, Thomas, Percy, Henry, etc. They were sooo excited!

{Jocelyn & Julianne had a full tummy before boarding the train} {Daddy and his boys} {Miss Julianne, the paci sucker} {Attempt at a family pictures....everyone has to be touching and looking and each other}

The girls just hung out the whole time and eventually went to sleep on the hour and a half ride. They liked all the singing and bell ringing.


{Jocelyn the most happy baby ever!}
Santa made an apperance passing out little bells for all the kids! {Mama and her boys} Jackson was really into the singing and following along with the words in our little program. He was dancing and bopping his head. Joel was into it a little bit but mainly kept looking out the window at the train tracks! {Joel} {Jackson and Joel} {Mama and the boys singing and a sleepy Julianne} Everyone loved the homemade cookies they passed out! The train ride was a great time had by all and next year we ALL are wearing PJs, I wasn't sure how warm it would be and it was raining so we skipped that part this year next year we will all join in!

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