Monday, February 28, 2011

Our little Picassos

We've been exploring a lot of new crafts in the house lately. And by far the favorite is painting. The "no mees" fingerpaints are amazing! The paint doesn't show up or color on anything except the colorwonder paper! They are fantastic! The boys made each Jon and I a set of "artwork" for our desks at work! We love them and how creative the boys are and how much they enjoy crafts becuase I LOVE to craft/color/paint and make fun stuff!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

This post is alternatively titled: "The dreaded public restroom with twins!"
Most of the time when I go into a public restroom I am grossed out and try to not touch anything. Well now that the boys are using the normal toilet this has been taken to a whole new level. Last week the boys and I went to the store (Jen was at home doing pictures) well I made the mistake of giving the boys some juice on the way there. Well they drank a whole cup of juice on the way there so I knew we would have to go potty while there. I got everyone into the cart and was pushing as fast as I could because I knew the potty would be calling our name any minute. Well I got about done and Joel was crying he had to go so bad. So we went to the bathroom.

Upon walking in I see the “Caution Wet Floor” sign (Not a good sign) and knew this wasn’t going to be a great experience. The floor was soaked; I don’t know if it was pee or water but either way it wasn’t real clear and smelled pretty funny. So I knew that I couldn’t touch the floor or let the boys touch it. If any of you have kids you know they are so interested in touching everything and flushing the toilet is always a good time. Well it’s not good to touch something that is covered in pee, crap and pubic hair! So I have to hold their legs up so they can miss the pee and pubic hair that is on the front of the bowl and try to dodge their pee all without falling on the floor and getting myself covered (can you picture that?) Then there is the other one over there pulling all the toilet paper out and stomping in the water/pee on the floor.

After we got done I thought, thank God we are done with that lets get the last few things and get out of here. Well we about made it back to the isle when one of the boys had to go again. I packed up a few more things and went back into the dreaded bathroom. That makes 2 times. So we get done with another great experience and try to get the heck out of there. I get the rest of the stuff and get in line. At this point the shortest line is about 5 people deep we get up and are about to start unloading our cart and guess what? POTTY POTTY POTTY!! Here we go back to the disgusting bathroom once again. That makes 3 times! Once again after a horrible experience we get back in line and get everything paid for. Well my lovely wife wanted some subway (I swear that's all she eats these days) so we went over there. The cart is full of groceries and the boys and all we want to do is get out of there. Again the line is about 3 to 4 people deep. We get within 1 person and back to dungeon (I'm sorry, bathroom) we go. That makes 4 times. Back to subway get our food and get out of there! Unloading the groceries like a superstar who just wants to get home without any more trips to the dreaded place I hear one of them say potty. This time it went in 1 ear and out the other! Next question was how fast can I get home and will everyone be dry.

We made it home with dry choo choos and had a great rest of the night. Lessons learned: don’t let kids drink so much juice when not around a clean bathroom! I hope this weeks grocery trip doesn’t have so much drama, err bathroom breaks!

Love Jon/DADA

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Building with Papa and Daddy

A couple weekend's ago Jon and my dad were on building duty. I had a bookcase, night stand and 4 step stools I wanted built! It took them a whole Saturday but they got it all done and I did all the sanding (that's a nasty and dirty job) but I can't wait to show them off! Of course we had some helpers!

{Jackson & Joel sweeping the floor of Terry's shop)
{Joel pouting in the bookcase}
{Joel & Jackson}
{Jackson covering his ears because he thought the saw was too loud!}
{Joel copying Jackson and covering his ears too!}
My dad did all the cutting and Jon did all the assembling/building! Jon stained everything last week and got them looking all pretty!! Thank you dad and Jon for all your hard work, mom for being on boy duty and to Terry for letting us work in his sure was nice and warm in there!! Can't wait to show the final pictures of them and of their room once I put the finishing touches on it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cat in the stroller...AGAIN!

This was Sophie in the first stroller we bought for the boys 2.5 years ago...
And now she's checking out the stroller we have for the girls too!
She sure has a thing for climbing in the baskets and hanging out!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watching the laptop

This is how I found the boys the other morning when I came up from my photo sessionJackson on the stool and Joel laying on the counter both eating apples. They were enjoying the choo choos on the computer! It was too cute, I couldn't help but laugh!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Valentine's Night

I know I've said this before but the boys are all about helping do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!! So no surprise they wanted to help fill their sacks to take to the daycare kids for Valentine's Day. Of course after filling them they weren't the bags I really wanted to use so I emptied them into the clear ones but nonetheless they had fun filling them the first time!
These are the actual valentine goodies/treats they took to daycare. I can't remember where I found this idea...on some website but I thought it was a cute idea. All they are is little gummie bears and teddy grahams, we added some little bunnies too so it wasn't ALL bears in it like it was supposed to be but super easy!
Monday night after we ate dinner, the boys opened up their valentine present from us. We got them new frog rain boots! They are the favorite thing to wear outside these know boys lots of puddle jumping!

{Joel he's saying "BOOTS!!" that's why his lips look all puckered up}
{Jackson & this picture!}
They made these adorable sacks at daycare to hold all their valentines and they could NOT wait to show them off to us. They are so proud of their crafts lately what a fun age they are at!

{Joel's bag}
{Jackson's bag}
A side note...I've found that taking pictures of the stuff they make is sometimes a lot easier than trying to keep them away from them so they don't ruin it if I want to save them. They carried around these darn sacks ALL last week/weekend we had to take them with their candy in them in the car to daycare. Didn't take them into Lori's house but HAD to take them EVERYWHERE! AND what else is funny...they truly are my kids cause if you know me you know I'm not a candy/chocolate/cookie eater, but the boys have NOT eaten one thing out of their bag!! They'd rather carry it around and hoard it, and then put it in a baggie, then into a shoe box, then into a their back packs, and then back into their sacks they made. They are just too funny!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

We have started counting down the days to the warmer weather. This week we have been spoiled with great weather and we have been taking full advantage of it. The boys love to be outside and there are so many things to do when we are out there. They love that there is still some snow on the ground and we can make snowballs to throw in puddles and at the cat. You might think that is mean but she loves it and loves to chase the snow on the ground (she is kind of weird). We also have our new boots for stomping in the puddles. We have really enjoyed this the past few days. The other night we got out our bikes for the first time and of course the boys would not come in the house without a fight. After about an hour outside we got everyone in and cleaned up for dinner. It looks like next week is going to be a little cooler so I hope that we can get a few nice days and get outside and play a little. The Waters house is counting down the days until we're outside every night!

Love Jon/DADA

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bigger chair?

I think we're going to need a bigger chair because as of right now there isn't room on mommy's lap or in the chair for 2 more babies! Between the boys and cat, I'm pretty well covered...see!

{Sophie, Jackson & Joel}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


...thinks that when I'm sitting she has to be NEAR or ON me at ALL times!! My hump stomach doesn't allow for anyone to sit on top of it anymore so she settles for right besides but has to tuck her head under my arm while I'm trying to work on picutres!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baking with daddy

The boys LOVE to help out in the kitchen! "Me help, me help" is what we hear about 18 times (times two) until we plop them up on the counter and let them dig in! Jackson was helping daddy make some chocolate chip cookies!
I think he was telling daddy not to eat any more of the chocolate chips before they went in the bowl!
Gotta love all the "help" we get in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fort building

The boys' new favorite thing, to have daddy help them with building a fort! They take their snacks, sippy cups, choo choos, and anything else they can get their hands on in their fort! It's so cute!

{Jackson in red & Joel in blue}
They kept saying "ki ki ki" (what they call Sophie, short for kitty) they really wanted Sophie to come in their fort. The only way to get her to go in, I mean she's not dumb and knows not to go and be trapped with the boys, was to lure her in with treats! And not her treats....the boys' fruit snacks!
Well they had a great time and that provided close to an hour of entertainment for them! Until Sophie thought she could walk across the top of the fort and the blankets caved in!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

The boys love to throw snowballs, or at least what they call throwing snowballs. They can get the shape of the ball and everything but they just don’t like to throw it. They will run up to you and smash it into your leg or onto the cat, which she doesn't really appreciate! Last weekend we played outside and I think there was more snow on the driveway after we got done than when it snowed. We also go the chance to build a fort. We got a good start on it and then the boys hands got cold so we went inside. I thought it would look kind of weird if I was out there by myself playing and building a fort so we called it a day. This weekend is supposed to be nice so I hope we can get back out and play some more.

Love Jon/DADA

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belly Updates

Here is what I'm looking like these days!! I will be 24 weeks on this Sunday that is a HUGE point in a twin pregnancy (well any pregnancy really) meaning the babies could survive outside the womb if they were born at 24 weeks (not saying they couldn't sooner but have a better chance with each week after 24 weeks). So from 24 weeks until my goal of 37 weeks that's only 13 weeks left!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrating birthday's

On Friday we met Mom and Dad, Ben, Kyli and Brynna, Michael and my Grandma Schauper at Outback for supper to celebrate Mom and Grandma Schauper's birthdays that were last week. It was sooo yummy and the boys had fun helping Nana open up her birthday gifts!

{Nana and Jackson, Joel with Papa}
Mom opening her new watch from was all sparkly and shinny!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

22 week ultrasound

On February 1st (last Tuesday) I had what I thought would be my last 4 week appointment and I would start going every 2 weeks, which meant I got ultrasounds more frequently! So I was excited going into my appointment. The ultrasound and babies checked out great. Baby A (who is the presenting baby, meaning the closest to the cervix) her heart rate was 133 and she weighed 1lb. right on the nose and is head down. She is literally right at my underwear line or lower, quite uncomfortable when I'm sitting up straight, I constantly getting little taps huge kicks on my belly telling me to lean back and give her some space! Baby B weighed 1lb. 1oz. and had a heart rate of 154 and is right under my ribs, as high as she can be and is laying transverse meaning side to side. So even though they are as far apart as they can be they are doing great!

{Baby A's profile}
{One of the babies yawning...see that big open mouth? Cute huh?!}{No wonder I feel short of breath sometimes, Baby B, under my ribs, is constantly sticking her feet out as straight as can be!}
After my ultrasound we saw the doctor (me and Jon he likes going to all the appointments). He said I was boring, which is great news and said he wanted to see me again in 4 weeks! Which is good but I was a little disappointed since at 20 weeks with my first twin pregnancy I was being seen every 2 weeks already! So I was 23 weeks (as of Sunday) and to have to wait another 3 to see them again! His words, "you're a pro and had a great first pregnancy and I don't need to see you so often!" I guess that's a great report!

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Choo Choo Pull"

We constantly hear that phrase and we say, "Yep we know the choos choos pull stuff don't they!" Then Jackson said, "Choo choo pulls rarrs!" If you look closely you'll see Jackson pulling his rarrrs around on the choo choo. Something he does at least everyday!
Also, the boys will combine both of their trains a total of 10 pieces and make one LARGE train to pull around! They love doing this and I hear Jackson running the show, "come on Joel, come on Joel"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girls' closet redo

Shame on me I didn't get a before picture...just imagine this teeny tiny closet with NOTHING in it, one shelf at medium height and that's it! Not really ideal for a closet for two people let alone girls who have TONS of accessories! This was one of Jon's projects over the weekend and it turned out just the way I had imagined. He added 2 more shelves (adjusted the height of the one that was in there) to give lots of hanging space and yet allow room for the 3 drawer plastic storage container at the bottom. While I was out doing lots of shopping on Friday one of my tasks was buying all the storage for the closet...I did happen to pick up about 5 outfits a piece for the girls and a few other girly things!

{Newborn and preemie will go at the bottom shelf then 0-3 months in the middle and 3-6 months at the top. Then misc. stuff in the little tubs on the shelves and then in the 3 drawer will be extra bedding, onesis, gowns (sleep sacks) and whatever else we come up with.}
On the door hangs a shoe organizer that will be home to many hair bows/bands, tights, hats, booties and shoes.
I think we did a great job with the closet considering it is so narrow and really deep. Can't wait to continue to fill it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This little boys loves to wear his mama's slippers...little Jackie!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

They're back...

oh yes the bottles have found their way back into our cupboards!
One whole cupboard is devoted to all things baby/toddler from drying racks, placemats, bibs, medicine, LOTS of nipples ranging in size, bottle parts, MANY (about 35) 8oz. bottles and a few 4 oz. bottles, sippy cups, plates, silverware!
So getting bottles all ready and cupboards all organized is checked off our list!