Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babies update

I had an ultrasound last Tuesday Baby A was 3 lbs. 1 oz. and Baby B was 2lbs. 12 oz. Baby A was breach and Baby B was tranverse which is how they have been the last few times. We had a long talk with the dr. about a c-section as that was what I was looking since I am 30 weeks and likely that the babies wouldn't flip since in order for one to turn they both would have to. So I left the appointment disapointed and vowed to try anything I could to get them to switch (I'd heard laying upside down would work). So I went in on Tuesday for my weekly appointment (I should say cervical check) all was good there and after the doppler heart rate check doc thought babies were head down. Sure enough...they were!!! So my laying upside down on the couch worked! That was the best news I could've gotten now to hope they stay there. Another ultrasound on Monday so we'll see!

Dr. Dornbier did request that I start working part-time so I'll hopefully go to the office in the morning and then by request come home in the afternoon and get my feet up before the boys come home from daycare. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening. I'm nervous to be leaving work and trying to get all my benefits in line while I'm still working full-time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Choo choo line-up

{Jackson lining up his choo choos}

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shriner's Circus 2011

On Saturday we headed to the state fairgrounds for the annual Shriner's Circus. My grandpa was a Shriner and I grew up going to this circus and was really looking forward to taking the boys. We had a good time and the boys did too. I think in another year they will really enjoy the circus. It was a little slow moving for their age and they didn't get some of the things that were going on.

{Jackson, Daddy & Joel} The boys really wanted a nose like the other kids had but in order to get have to take a picture with a a clown! They weren't all that excited for the picture but kept wanting to go back and look at the clowns. Of course we had to have a $5 sno cone!

My favorite part of the circus...that trapazene artists!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My little subject

The other day I was down in the basement cleaning up my studio area in between clients and Jackson sat down and said, "My picture mama, my turn!" He's seen all the other kids come and go and have pictures down there and ever since I've had my studio I've never taken their pictures! So I snapped a few of him being silly eating his carrots.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storage Bin Update - {project 1 of girls' room}

These are the storage bins that we used in the boys' room under the changing table. There are 4 of them. Then my hubby made little decals to put on them like: Blankets, Diapers, Toys, Lotions and they worked out perfect. Well of course they needed an update if they were going to go into a girl's room! So they went from this...
{I had torn the white decals off before I took the picture so that's why the word is a little sloppy looking}
To this! And yes they are VERY pink! And this is a little insight to the girls' room. That color is the color we painted the bottom half of the it!! It is VERY girly, exactly what I wanted going from ALL boy to ALL girl!!
Jon made new decals and we are now all organized for the baby girls!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big boy room REVEAL!

We've had the boys' room down for awhile now but I was putting some finishing touches on it and wanted to wait until it was complete to blog about. This is a HUGE update/reveal so be prepared for a long post with LOTS of pictures!

{Jackson's side of the room before}
pretty babyish which was totally ok since it WAS a nursery!

{Joel's side of the room before}
But now it looks like this....

Joel's side of the room now! These are twin beds that came from Slumberland that we will eventually bunk. This is EXACTLY what we wanted for their room...bunk beds! I LOVED my bunk beds growing up and I know the boys will too.
This is the bookcase that Jon and my dad built! LOVE it and it is custom made to the size I wanted! The little lamp base and shade came from Wal-Mart, the modern looking CD player/radio came from Best and the baskets that hold lotions and one is empty came from Target. Oh and those cords behind that are probably sticking out to all of you....yeah those are all hidden now too!
We kept the chair rail the navy color. The bedding I really wanted Pottery Barn but not for $180 price tag JUST for the quilt and 1 pillow sham so I found some a "Pottery Barn knock off" on and it was a 1/4 of the cost and I even bought an extra one to make a valance out of since I wanted it to match perfectly!

(just pretend you don't see fat Sophie sitting on the nightstand)
And this is the night stand that Jon and my dad built. It opens and then there is a shelf in there. The boys have all their books in there right now. My intention was for the books to go on the bookshelf but I love the look of the baskets there and I also put their photo albums on there as well (which I'll have you know I'm completely up-to-date on FINALLY) and then their piggy banks.
And of course the step stools. Jon and my dad made 4 of these. I wanted 2 for their rooms dsince their beds are too high for them and then 1 for each of the bathrooms. The 2 in the boys' room match the stain of the bedroom furniture and then the ones in the bathrooms match the trim on the baseboards/cabinets. They are PERFECT and have a little storage space too!
What I'm most proud of, besides all the work my dad and hubby did sewing abilities! Actually, I grew up with my grandma that sewed all the time and I remember when I was in 5th or 6th grade I made a quilt for my own bed. Anyways, my gram is 97 now and she lost her sewing machine in her house fire and just got a new one, of which she does NOT like and didn't want to sew with. So I brought it home one night and made the valance myself! She'll be really proud when she sees it! The navy drapes are a leftover from the nursery and so are the curtain rods
Notice the ceiling fan....oh yes, I flipped the ugly part down (plain white part is up) and painted them navy, it looked too "white" without and I love the extra little pop of color it gives the room! The pictures on each side of the boys' beds are 11x14 (from Michael's) and you know me I love having pictures on the walls wherever possible so we left the ones on the sides of the window from the nursery and hung 2 more separated by a shelf that I painted navy that their "rarrrs" sit on and their little "keepsake" box that I ordered from shutterfly after they were born that keep their wrist band, little hat they wore after they were born and the clips from their belly buttons...I know the important stuff.
This is the other side of the room. The door on the left is their closet and door on the right goes out into our hallway. We kept the memory board thingy in the middle of this wall because the blues matched so perfectly. At Target I found the perfect little coat rack to hang just at their level to hang their hats and back packs on. Oh the paint in the room first of all a huge thanks to Jon and my mom for doing ALL the painting, oh the boys did help paint in "their room" too and they will tell you that....I have NO idea what the colors are...I don't remmeber, but I do know the white is just standard, straight out of the can white and NO we do NOT use the expensive paint it is the cheapest paint at Menard's and with 2 coats (in my opinion all paints needs 2 coats no matter the brand) it looks perfect love the blues that match/coordinate with the quilt!
This is a close up on their beds....just like the Pottery Barn ads I wanted their pillow shams embroidered so I took them to our local Strawberry patch and for $5 a piece I had their name put on them! A nice finishing touch. And that little chamellion thing on the pillow....a gift from Grandma and Grandpa and it is their "rarrr" that they cuddle with at night.
I should've mentioned above....that you notice that they do not have a dresser in their room. There simply is NOT room for one, the twin beds were A LOT bigger than we thought (even though we did measure before we bought them) but in their closet I have made it so everything is packed nicely in their "plastic" drawers in their closet and I hang and iron almost everything. I will have to show that to you some time just believe me that I stand by my nickname..."Cram Queen"!
So there you go....the big reveal of the boys' new and improved bedroom! They LOVE their big boy room and have done great in their beds. I bought those ugly side rails and we ended up not using them. Whew...what a long post coming next....bits and pieces of the girls' room/nursery!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the love of peas!

Oh little guys love them some peas!! We have them ALL THE TIME!! For snacks too!
They even eat them by the container!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Memory Game

The new obsession in the house....Memory Game! Every night when we come home they want to play the "game". As you can see we have our own version....

We put all the pieces face up and they have to find the matches just as they would if they were all face down. Pretty genius idea if I do say so my self!
They are really good finding matches and really have the concept down. Soon we'll be playing the "real" way I'm sure!

{Jackson, Daddy & Joel}
I love that they are into games and hopefully soon we can make it a family game and play the real way!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

Can you guess what this is?
Oh cookies!
This was my idea for St. Patrick's Day and the boys....
Well they loved eating the frosting!
And they each had fun frosting the cookies.

{Jackson & Joel}
Next time...we'll do the frosting BEFORE baths and clean PJ's since we had to get cleaned up again and new PJ's before bed!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Love, Jon/DADA

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Belly & Pregnancy Update

So it's been awhile since I've done a belly update so here are those pictures!
You can totally tell that it was WAAAYY nicer outside when I was pregnant with the boys as my "hump" totally got sun burnt. I wish I could get a nice tan this time around but afraid that won't happen by May!
So I'm 28 weeks now, will be 29 weeks on Sunday. At my appointment last week I did my glucose test. I passed with flying colors. They like it to be 139 or under and mine was at 91. And I LOVE the fruit punch juice drink, it tastes like Kool-Aid, not bad at all. The girl beside me, clearly her first pregnancy, asked for the orange flavor and after her first drink she gagged! I smiled and said, "should've asked for fruit punch!" My hemoglobin was also great too, I think 12 if that means anything to you nurses out there. All I know is she said my scores (or whatever they are called) were the exact same as the very first time I was in about just 6 weeks pregnant, pretty uncommon for twins as a lot of times your iron count can be really low as you have 2 babies stealing everything from you. So good news there and I go back next Tuesday for an ultrasound and appointment.

Other pregnancy news...I got one of these....and oh yes it is THAT ridiculous and looks just hideous! It is a 3 piece contraption, one part goes under the tummy, the other behind your back and the other over top to pull the tummy up. It really does feel GREAT though when I wear it. I was having some LOW LOW back pain (not shooting down my leg pain) but enough that I complained and my doctor said get one of these. Honestly, I don't know how I got along without it for so long and when I was pregnant with the boys! I only wear it when I'm up moving a lot or standing and when I take it off I immediately feel like they are falling down/out.

Clothes....I'm being really stubborn with my clothes still. Even though I'm 28 weeks I'm measuring (the fundal height measurement) at 32 weeks so 4 weeks ahead which is normal since 36 weeks (4 weeks early) is full-term for twins. Ok so my point about shirts are getting REALLY short, I really need some that are longer but HATE the normal maternity shirt with the frumpy look and stupid tie in the back or gathered sides. Why can't they just make a normal shirt just longer with no indication that it is an affordable price! So long story short, I'm still wearing my normal shirts and they are truly getting a little short luckily I have some coming from some friends later this week. My shirts from my last pregnancy are very summery and are huge on me. Pants...I'm wearing mostly maternity pants. I do wear my normal jeans with my Bella Band. And sometimes if you stop by the house you'll catch me with my maternity support OVER the outside of my t-shirt and in sweatpants of course!

Sleep...I've still been sleeping great, no complaints my body pillow works wonders to "hold my hump" as I sleep on my side. I almost told a girl in Target that she didn't have to spend the ridiculous $50 on the maternity Snoogle Body Pillow thing and should just buy a $10 body pillow...but her money not mine!

Other stuff...I'm REALLY suppose to watch my activity level, "no extended walking (so no walks period) when I get home from work it's time to put my feet up and let someone else take care of the kids" (those were my exact doctor's words last time) and Jon is FABULOUS! He knows how important it is for me to keep these babies a cookin' for as long as possible so he does all the cleaning, gets up with the boys to take them potty in the night EVERY NIGHT, runs up and down the stairs a million times as we're putting them to bed, and does all the cooking (something I've never done anyways) and I pretty much come home and sit down and play a game with the boys or watch them play. But that's my job right now to cook babies but I also have a job to be a mama to my little boys and it is hard to let other people do things for me when the boys want their mama.

Cravings....I could eat and sometimes I do eat a Subway sandwich (turkey and ham footlong toasted of course, with lettuce and black olives and mayo) at least 4 times a week! Crazy I know but that is the one thing I really crave! Other than that I don't really crave anything and just eat my normal diet. I've gained about 22lbs. so far so I'm on track to be probably a little over 30 when it's all said and done which is a little more than with the boys, but I also have an extra placenta this time around too!

So that's it for an update this time around sorry it was sooo long I haven't updated for a few weeks and thought I would give you a good idea of how things are with me and the baby girls!