Friday, April 29, 2011

Twin Girls Maternity Session

A few weeks ago I had my maternity session. My friend Susannah from Portraits by Susannah in Indianola did the session. She was great with the boys and we had a good time and got some wonderful pictures to document this pregnancy! Here are a few of my favorites that she gave me that I did the editing on. These are the ones she edited and posted on her facebook page.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I've been up to...

So I've been on bed rest for 3 weeks as of yesterday and I've had lots of people ask me what I've been doing and if I'm bored, etc. here is what I've been doing!

1. Making LOTS and LOTS of hair flower clips, hair puffs, hair bows (with the help of my friend Lisa) - I made these and am super excited about them I will show you soon!

2. Typed up my addresses to print on labels and then put in my planner

3. Typed up all my recipes to print on 4x6 postcards so all the cards are the same size in my recipe box (I know, I'm crazy organized/anal about that kind of stuff)

4. Got enough picture frames to put up in the hallway for the girls (we have an 8x10 of each baby, 5x7 and family shot that we do/did every 2 months so our hallway is full) - and all are spray painted brown to match the ones of the boys, now just to reconfigure it

5. Edited 150 wedding pictures for a bride that didn't like her photos that her photographer took (took me 3 full days minus potty and eating breaks)

6. Washed and ironed all the girls' clothes up to 0-3 months (preemie, newborn, 0-3) that took a like 2 days with all the breaks I had to take!

7. Collected recipes for the big cooking day and for my mother-in-law to make soooo excited to have a huge deep freezer and small deep freezer full of food to cook.

8. Made headbands (lots of sewing) and sewed a bunch of stuff/clothes that we've been collecting around the house that needed repaired.

9. Made up lunch and breakfast food ideas for the boys and I to have when I'm home (or I should say when they are home full-time with me)

10. Made a list of crafts and got ideas printed off for the boys to do and collected supplies and made a "craft closet" to store everything in (I'll have to show you that soon too)

11. Bought all of our birthday/anniversary and other cards for the rest of the year. I have always bought 2-3 month of cards at a time that way I have them ready for when events come up

12. Going to the bathroom about every 30-40 minutes!

13. I've had a few visitors and enjoyed the company and time chatting

14. Figured out how we're going to get 4 carseats in the van (oh if you didn't know we got a van back in November a 2011 Toyota Sienna and love it) and how we're going to get the girls into the van (they will be in the 3rd row) and we'll put them in through the trunk!

15. Been looking for a nanny/mother's helper who can come over like 2-3 hours a couple days a week (WHO I CAN PAY HOURLY), especially when I have to take the boys to preschool 2 days a week. Can't leave 2 babies in the car when I take the boys in so I need some help there. Anyone have anyone they can recommend or sites to check out in the Ankeny area who could help??

16. Made a list of the plants we need for our garden and what I need for my flower pots so we can get those soon

17. I'm a list maker, so I have spent a lot of time making lists for everything from Jon's weekly/weekend to-do list, my list of what I want to accomplish each day, what I need for the girls and my hospital bag you get the idea, lots of list making and checking things off!

18. Scheduled the girls' baptism for when they are about 3 months old (seems far off but our church seems to book up fast)

19. Updated our Power of Attorneys, Living Wills and Health Care Power of Attorneys

20. We got a new computer so I've been playing with that and trying to figure out how to transfer all my photography software to the new computer

Things I have NOT been doing....

1. may be a surprise but not one day that I've been home have I taken a nap. I'm not much of a napper, and didn't nap when the boys were born either (you know how everyone tells you to) I'm just not a good napper when I have other stuff to do. Now if Jon was home on bed rest...he'd probably nap everyday!

2. Showering everyday...I'm not doing anything but laying around and on the computer why shower everyday!

3. Going back upstairs after I come down in the morning, I get off the couch/love seat for a total of about an hour a day and I avoid the stairs and only go up at night before bed

4. Hardly any cleaning (the last week I've done none!) my hubby is the best!

5. This one makes me sad...not doing ANYTHING with the boys. They come to me on the couch, or in our bed in the morning for me to dress them but other than that, Jon does baths, they help him make supper, they play on the floor, in the basement, outside all without me. But I know my job is cooking these baby girls so I keep that thought on the front of my mind.

6. Sleeping in...I usually get up by 6:30 or 7, shortly after Jon and then boys leave. I don't want to get in the habit of sleeping until 8 or 9 because we all know that won't happen after the girls are born!

Sooo....that is what I've done so far in 3 weeks. I still have some things I want to do (my list changes everyday) so I'll keep plucking away at my "to-do list".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday Photo Shoot

The boys looked soooo cute in their Easter outfits on Sunday when they went to lunch (Jon had a coordinating shirt, I did too but didn't get off the couch to get all dressed up since I couldn't go anywhere) and I wanted to do a quick (serisoulsly like 3 minutes is all I got) photo shoot with the boys. They look so big and grown up! Gosh 2.5 years really does go by so fast!

{Joel & Jackson}
{Joel} {Jackson} {Jackson}

{Joel & Jackson}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

We had a great Easter even though we cancelled our Easter plans and stayed home since I'm being a good patient and obeying my strict bed rest rules. Saturday, Jon took the boys up to Maxwell to the Easter egg hunt. My dad met them in there and the boys had a great time and got TONS of eggs. Then Grandma and Aunt Janna came to Ankeny to spend some time with them they had a good lunch (brought me home something yummy from Sports Page in Ankeny) and played some more.

Sunday we got up and the boys followed their trails to their Easter baskets! They loved it!

{Jackson & Joel}{Joel}

After they went through their Easter baskets they had a small egg hunt in the house. It was cute watching them run around they just followed each other around and shared eggs instead of finding their own.

{Jackson & Joel Easter morning}
Right before lunch the boys had another little egg hunt outside. They each ran in opposite directions and hunted their own eggs this time.

Jon, the boys, my parents and my grandma ate lunch at Applebee's for Easter dinner and brought me back my favorite an Oriental Chicken Salad! For the rest of the afternoon the boys played outside and I kept my place on the couch watching "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon! Jon was Mr. Mom and the maid and got all the cleaning, laundry and outside stuff done. It was a nice weekend although we missed out on a lot of family time it was best for me to be at home resting and for Jon to be here in case something were to happen. We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

They fall where they may...

....and with their coats on!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on pregnancy & belly

Here are my 32 and 33 week belly pictures! I'm currently 33 weeks and 3 days! Less than 4 weeks to my personal goal of 37 weeks! I had an appointment and ultrasound on Tuesday and my mom came with me this time to check out the babies again. Babies looked great, 2 weeks ago they were 3lb. 9oz. and 4lbs and this time they were 4lbs. 9oz. and 4lbs. 10oz. so they are getting there! Heart beats were 156 and 154 for Baby A and Baby B respectively. Baby A is still in perfect position, head down and head facing toward the back.

After the ultrasound I had my dr. apt. last week, well not even a week from the last apt. 6 days I will still closed (not dilated) but starting to thin out a little. This Tuesday, I was dilated to 1.5-2. So....I was moved from "modified bed rest" to "full/restrictive bed rest" and put on procardia, which is a medication that won't stop contractions but will stop my uterus from dilating that I have to take every 6 hours round the clock. The goal for my dr. is to get me another 2-3 weeks, my personal goal is to get to 37 weeks which again is slightly less than 4 weeks.

So what does this mean....I'm down (laying down) for almost ALL of the day. Before if I was down most of the day I could be up at night and play with the boys a little, read books, give them baths, help get them ready for bed, help dress them in the morning, do some things around the house and be up on the weekends more than I would be during the week so modified bedrest...ALL that was okayed with the dr. NOW...after my apt. on Tuesday, I'm to remain laying down for ALL of the day. more of the above. In the morning I get up after Jon and the boys leave bring my stuff downstairs that I need and then lay on the couch all day. I get up every time I finish drinking my big pitcher of water, go potty refill my drink and sometimes grad something to eat and back to the couch I go. Around 4 I head upstairs and stay there for most of the night (to avoid the boys wanting me for anything and everything and then me feeling bad for not being able to do things with them). Its best if I'm out of sight out of mind.

Even though it's only been a couple days since all this it is REALLY hard for me to be away from the boys and Jon so much and to NOT be helping out with anything. But I know my first job right now is to keep these babies in for as LONG as possible so that's what I'm going to do! No traveling or being out and about. I'm spending these last few weeks on the couch/bed! So keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers these next few weeks.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cooking day

I spent all day Friday gathering recipes and making a grocery list and Friday night I sent Jon to the store to buy 3 carts worth of groceries at 2 different stores! He got home about an hour and a half later and stayed up that night until 3AM cooking chicken and prepping for Saturday. My mom came over Saturday at 8AM and her and Jon started the cookfest! This is what the kitchen looked like all day! This was the rigatoni (8) and meat loaf (8) ready to be wrapped and wrote on...that was my job...well actually I didn't even do that I really didn't get off the couch that much and when I did I was on little boy duty. The garbage was emptied about 4 times! This was HALF of the pasta that we used!

My mom makes the best meat loaf and I HATE meatloaf but do eat hers and this is how she makes it...yes it was a giant blob all over the counter!!
And here is the final shot....59 meals!! All frozen and ready to be cooked and eaten when these baby girls arrive. Now this isn't everything...Jon's mom is making over 20 more meals (my 2 absolute favorite meals 10 of each) along with a few of her specialities as well! We will put a few more in our new upright freezer and then we also have our chest freezer to put more meals in!
This was a HUGE task that I was able to check off our "before babies to-do list" we will be sooo thankful to have all of these for the next 4-6 months to eat off and on! Thank you so much mom for spending your whole Saturday over cooking...and a HUGE thank you to Jon for taking on MY task that I wasn't able to do!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls' Room Reveal!

So I've showed off the boys' room and our master bedroom and now for the girls' room!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room, I walk in it at least once EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!! I have to tell you going from 2 boys and ALL boy stuff to soon we'll have 2 daughters I am MORE than excited and sooooo ready for some pink and purple in this house!! So of course the room is going to be as pink and as girly as I can make it!!

So the before....

This was our guest room nothing fancy a full bed and nicely decorated for our guests which we rarely had since our families live so close. And now it looks like this!!

{I know you'd think my cat LOVES to be in pictures...really she just loves to lay on the changing table}

(3) 8x10 picture frames that hold a 5x7 are above each crib. I'll put their newborn pictures in there and then on the side of the window are the leftover frames we had in the boys' room that are 11x14. Also, above or below the (3) 8x10 frames I'm going to have an Uppercase Living type wall decal of their name (once we decide, if we ever decide on their names)! This is the bedding I picked out when we were having our first set of twins. We picked out a boy set and girl set and this was the girl set I LOVED! Of course, 2 years later it is discontinued and the only place I could find it was in a 10 piece set! I know, who needs 10 bedding pieces!! I love having a bumper (I know you're not supposed to use them but frankly without them pacis fall through on the floor and the kids, our boys, hit their heads constantly on the rails AND by the time they start rolling they can get away from them anyways if they get close to them...just my opinion) so it came with the bumper, quilt which I love, bed skirt, valance, diaper stacker (which we don't really use might put blankets in them one is hanging on the side of the changing table and the other on the closet door), 2 sets of sheets (1 set I made the drapes out of) and 3 rolls of border. Take all that time 2! But it was a great deal and like I said I HAD to have this bedding! Since the bedding is cherry blossoms and butterflies/dragonflies I had this vision of a tree coming out of the wall so I found one on Etsy and my mom and I put that together. I love it! The coat tree, we had in the boys room was painted navy. Jon painted this one white/carnation which is the actual color that is on the top of the wall. The border, I wasn't thrilled about using the though of border is so old-fashioned but it was either use that or put up chair rail and I really like the look of the border it ties the room altogether. As you can see...we put some of the leftover border on the ceiling fan (my mom's idea). It was a great finishing touch! Here is a close up of the mobile with a red cherry blossom and butterfly/dragonfly. Oh isn't this little night light just to die for!! Found it on clearance at Target and I couldn't pass it up!! Love how girly it is!! The lamp....this was a plain white lamp shade and my mom and I put ribbon down each side and then lined the top and bottom with a little frill to tie in with the night light another feminine touch to the room! A close up of the changing table. The cribs, changing table and dresser are all the pieces that we had used for the boys. Same with these storage bins, they were painted navy and I painted them the same pink as the wall which is an exact match to the bedding and Jon made these decals to put on the front of the bins. A look at the opposite wall, that door is the closet. I got these cubes (2 sets of 3) at Target on clearance I wasn't sure if I would use them or the shelves we used in the boys' room but didn't like the look of the shelves. I thought the cubes would be cute with little picture frames, the letter "J" (which of course will be the first initial of the girls' first and middle name as the rest of us are all JJW) and then little jewelry boxes or something cute and girly to put on/in the cubes as we accumulate stuff. Here is a close up of the cherry blossom tree branch coming out of the wall...A close up of the crib... The ceiling fan.... And the valance with the drapes I made! So this is the room our little princesses will be sleeping in when they are born! Like I said it is VERY girly which is what we wanted and very pink! A huge thank you to my mom and hubby for all the painting work!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Master bedroom update

One of our things on our "to-do list before babies" was repaint our master bedroom. I really wanted a new 20 piece comforter set but decided that $200-$300 on new bedding for our room just because I wanted it wasn't in our "pre-babies budget". So a fresh coat of paint and it went from this....

To this.... I just love the color. I need to get a couple Uppercase Living things for the walls and it will be all done!