Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day at the zoo

We had a great first outing as a family at the zoo. The girls well they slept the whole time as you can tell!
{Jocelyn & Julianne}

The boys had the best time feeding the goats!

What I love about our zoo is that you can make it through there in an hour easy! Perfect for the every 3-4 hour feedings for the girls. I think all 4 kiddos and I will do the zoo once a week!
Since Jon is home this week with us I think we'll go to the zoo at least once, the boys are excited to check out the dinosaur exhibit. This is what everyone looked like afterwards...all 4 kids took a great nap!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

It's been awhile since I've done a post but I'm back!

I never would have thought that I would have 4 kids. Well I take that back, I never thought I would have had 4 kids by the time I was 28. The last few years have been a blur to me. I try to live each day to the fullest and get the most out of each day but sometimes it is hard. I wish that I could spend more time with each of them individually to really find out who they are. I am going to try and spend more time with them as individuals to see who each of them really are. I know with the boys each of them are totally different when you are alone with them. it is kind of scary to see how different they really are.

So far for me with the girls it has been totally different than with the boys (and not just all the folds you have to wipe when changing a diaper). Jen has been feeding the girls so I have only really got to feed them once. They have taken a bottle a few times but they would rather have the real nipple. I am sure as they get older I will get to feed them more and more but for now I just get to sit back and watch. The girls are also sleeping much better than the boys ever did. Maybe that is us as parents knowing more what the baby wants and not being afraid to give the more to eat when they want it. Now that I am saying this they are going to stop sleeping and not eat. That’s just my luck.

I have also been pretty nervous / excited with this pregnancy. I love to see the way the boys react to the girls and how they do enjoy helping. I am nervous for how the boy are going to be when they are home for good (well I am also nervous for how my wife is going to be with 4 kids 2 and under). I just hope that they will listen and not feel left out when Jen is taking care of the girls. I know that my wife can do it. She is an organization specialist and has much more patience than I do. I love you honey and Jackson and Joel and Julianne and Jocelyn.

Love Jon DADA

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update since we're home!

Well we've been home for a week now and we're all adjusting to the baby thing again and the boys are adjusting to having to "be careful/gentle" etc. with their new sisters around. I had a photographer over for (2) five hour photo sessions so that took up 2 of the days we've been home and we've taken the girls in for weight checks two different days so there is another two days of not being home all day. So today and tomorrow are my last 2 days of just me and my newest babies and I'm TOTALLY enjoying it!!

{Mama and her baby girls!}

So you're wondering how the boys are doing....frankly A LOT better than I could've ever hoped!! I'm soooo happy that they are not acting out, reverting back on the potty training and so on. Sure it's hard for them to understand they can't run over and jump on the couch when a baby is laying there or they have to wait for me to stop feeding the baby before I can run them to the potty, ya know the little things! Jackson is way more into holding the babies than Joel is. But we kinda expected that as Jackson is a little mother hen, he definitely takes on the big brother role and always has. Joel will be the first to run after diapers, or throw the diapers away or stick in a paci that fell out, etc. So they each help in different ways and want the babies to come too. We went on a couple walks and they said "babies come too"? So I think they get that they are sticking around!

{Daddy and his baby girls}

Sleeping and feedings...during the day I wake the girls every 3 hours to eat (we have to until they are 6lbs) at night they go 4 hours between before we wake them and honestly could probably go longer. Hopefully soon we can let them!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE nursing the girls. I didn't give it a fair shot with the boys, they didn't latch on as well at all, didn't eat when I had them latched on. So when I told Jon I wanted to try again, he was hesitant as he knew how hard it was on me last time, how miserable I was and how hard it was on him too. But the girls...they are pros and have been since in the hospital. I love having two sets of eyes starring up at me and that I'm the only one that can provide that for them, for my last babies I'll ever have. It just makes me soooo happy! I can nurse both babies, change diapers and pump for 15 minutes after nursing all within an hour...hopefully I can keep that up because I know I can entertain the boys for an hour a couple times a day while I'm doing all that.


So this is the last week for the boys to be at daycare. They will be home next week and so will Jon and then the week after that it's just me and the four kiddos. Wish me luck!!


We have the very best friends and neighbors, we've had meals every night last weekend and this week brought over to us, that is soooo nice and we love you all so much for thinking of us!!

{Having a pizza party on the floor!}

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going home and our first bath at home!

We left the hospital on Wednesday and headed home. We got home around 2:30 that afternoon. A little later than when I wanted but it was a long morning of feedings and getting all the discharge stuff taken care of. This is the way the girls came to me the morning we were leaving. Loved the little bows they had in their hair!

{Jocelyn & Julianne}

All of our goodies that we took home. Loved the twin balloons that my parents brought. These were their going home outfits. Little cute preemie sleepers with little ruffles and of course a matching headband!

{Jocelyn & Julianne}{Daddy and Mommy with Julianne & Jocelyn}

When we left the hospital the girls had dropped a few ounces. Jocelyn was down to 5lbs. 5oz. and Julianne was down to 5lbs. 11oz. We took them in for a weight check 2 days later (last Friday) and they were at the same weight. And then we took them in for a check on this past Monday (they were a week old) and Jocelyn was still at her discharge weight and Julianne had gained an ounce. The doctors weren't concerend since they aren't losing at all and I'm not having to supplement at all so I was happy!

We've done baths at home twice now and they do pretty well.

{Mama giving Julianne her first bath at home}{Julianne after her bath}

{Mama giving Jocelyn her bath}
{Jocelyn after her bath!}

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting their BIG brothers and our hospital stay

Monday night Kyli picked the boys up from daycare and the boys stayed with Uncle Ben and Aunt Kyli. Kyli took them to daycare Tuesday morning (a HUGE thank you to them for helping us out when the girls were born!!) and then Jon picked them up around 3:30 and they came down to the hospital to meet their sisters for the first time. Jackson was excited and was talking about meeting the babies, Joel was indifferent. I had picked up a bunch of little things that "the babies" got for the boys and put them in their favorite...Thomas the Train bags!

We put the bags in the baby cribs and when the boys came they brought each baby a purple carniation and "gave it to them" and then we told them to look in their cribs. They were excited and came right over to the girls and thanked them. Jackson even came over and ASKED to hold one of the girls! I about fell out of the bed! I didn't expect it. Joel just watched from a distance which was ok. We have the attitude that as long as they aren't mean to them they don't have to hold them, kiss them or want to help. Although they LOVE to help changed diapers and "help" wipe them off and hold pacis, rock them in their carseats. Little things. {Jackson holding Jocelyn}

{Jackson thanking the girls for his new choo choo!}

Our first picture with the girls!

{Mama and her girls!}
Papa and Nana with their new granddaughters

{Grandpa, Aunt Janna and Grandma with their granddaughters}

{Jocelyn getting her first bath by the nurse!}

{Daddy and his girls after their bath}

{Jocelyn and Julianne after their baths}

We had a good hospital stay. It went fast! Both of the girls were a little gaggy, like they were trying to cough and spit up but couldn't and it was silent and each turned blue and we had to have the nurses help get color back in their faces. It was very scary. We stopped the vitamin d drops as we thought this may be causing it and that seemed to help. We even had to pul the code blue lever in our room at one time. We were scared to leave the room and stop watching them and I was worried how we were going to go home and I was going to take care of 4 kids and still watch them every minute of the day if they were to gag and me not hear them, since they never made any noise. The peditrician said a few days after birth they are trying to get up mucus that they may have swallowed at birth and gave us no reason to worry at home. Although we still did! Since we've been home we haven't had any episodes and they no longer spit up at times, so whether it was the vitamin d or what it seems were all past that now!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Julianne & Jocelyn's Birth Story

It's baby week!! Nothing but updates and pictures of our two beautiful daughters this week!

On Monday, May 16th I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 6:30. We took the boys to daycare at 6:10 and headed down to Mercy Hospital. Jon and I decided that there was no use in him being there all morning while I fill out paperwork get all hooked up and so on. So he dropped me off at the door and he went on to work. This was my before picture I took in the bathroom of my labor room at 37 weeks 4 days!

I was all hooked up to the machines by 7:30 and in came Dr. Dornbier to break my water. He wanted steady labor levels by 9:30 or the dr. should give me pitocin. At 8:45 I asked to get up and walk around a little bit, I was getting bored laying in bed and my butt hurt. Normally, with twins they don't like to take the babies off the monitors but since everyone was doing so well she gave me a half hour. So off I went to walk some laps. At 9:30 she issued pitocin and by 10:45 I called for my epidural. It was getting hard to breathe and talk through the contractions. Jon worked his half day and got to the hospital at 11:15 right as I was being told it could be an hour before I get an epidural! My nurse gave me some meds in my IV in the meantime and only 20 minutes later in came a 2nd anesthesiologist they had called in to help with the back log of patients. So I got my epidural at 12:15 and by then I was already dilated to a 5. At 1:50 I was fully dilated to a 10 and Jon and my mom prepped to head back to the OR to deliver (something they do with patients carrying multiples in the event an emergency c-section is needed). At 2 we were back in the OR and I got moved to a new bed and Baby A was right there and Dr. D said baby will be out in 5 pushes. Sure enough 3 pushes later at 2:08PM Julianne Jane was born!
{My mom was videotaping and taking pictures and was my other support person} This was my first time holding my sweet Julianne!

After Jocelyn was born they immediately put up the ultrasound to see where Baby B was (she was head down while I was laboring but most times after the first baby is born the second baby will flip around because she now has all the room) that was the case with us. He tried and tried to get Baby B to stay head down so he could break my water and he couldn't get to stay. He was making comments about getting anesthesia in the room and where are they and he can't get her to stay put. It was the LONGEST 8 minutes EVER! Between the boys was only 2 minutes. To say I was worried about baby B is an understatement and I could tell Dr. D was really worried too. She had her arm up above her head and was feet first. He ended up grabbing her feet and pulling her out. He was worried about something that popped in her ankle and also her clavicle since her arm was up. So at 2:16PM Jocelyn Jo was born! They whisked her away to the other room and came in a couple minutes later and said they put her on some oxygen and that she did NOT have to go to NICU and all bones were OK! I was so relieved and started crying. Jon went with the babies to the nursery and mom stayed with me until they took me back to my room. {Jon holding Julianne for the first time}
{The first picture of the girls together Jocelyn with some oxygen on and Julianne}
{Jocelyn in the nursery just hanging out after her measurements she was 19 inches long and Julianne was 19 1/4 inches long}

It took them what seemed liked FOREVER for them to bring up Jocelyn to me the above is me holding my second daughter for the very first time! I couldn't wait to see her! Her blood sugar was a little low so they feed her an ounce of formula right away and she downed it! As soon as I was back to my room from delivering Julianne was waiting for me to nurse, she was starving!

So both girls were healthy, things were a little on edge as Jocelyn was being delivered but we are soooo very blessed to have two beautiful healthy daughters and that's the birth story of our second set of twins!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Monkey around!

We went to Monkey Joe's the other day for the first time and the boys loved it! It was a nice change since it was so crappy out.


{Oh yes, Jon managed to take a picture of me and my pregnant self propped up in one of the bouncy things!}

Climbing up one of the big ladders!

{Joel, Daddy and Jackson going down one of slides. It only took one time for Jon to go with them and then they were set!}

They ALWAYS wanted to hold hands. Joel more than Jackson. Joel really took on the little brother role and kept waiting for Jackson to come and go with him and he said, "hold my hand Jacks" it was so cute!

{Joel & Jackson}

This was a great place. There were sooo many little bounce house things for them to go in. We didn't even go through them all and we were there for 2 hours. What a fun way to spend some time together!

Here is a cute little video of them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Craft area

This is my new FAVORITE thing in our kitchen/play area! My friend MJ who lives in MN picked it up for me from Ikea and just love where we chose to hang it. Now the boys can display all of their artwork and coloring and not take up ALL of the space on the fridge.

I had Jon hang it on the back of our little island type thing so they move their table and chairs right under the pictures and do their coloring/painting/drawing/etc. and then they can hang them up!

Now the excitement...since I'm going to be home and need LOTS of crafts and activities to keep the boys happy, plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafts and coloring so I needed some space that was convenient for me/them to get to. So in our bathroom we have a coat closet. Since I won't be working I don't need all my fancy JCrew coats so I put them all away and left only 2 coats for me and the same for Jon and same for the boys. This made lots of room for coats of our guests that stop by and gave me lots of space to put all the craft supplies. I didn't get a before picture but just image this being packed with all my coats/and on the top shelf little buckets that held gloves/diaper bags and on the floor there was a 3 drawer organizer that held hats and scarves. All that is now gone and it looks like this!!

I love it and have lots of ideas on how to use these supplies and stuff all ready to go. One of my many projects I accomplished while on bedrest!