Friday, September 30, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

This project has been taking up my time the last few weeks and this is only phase one! I'm very glad we decided to put in a patio and we will get a lot of use out of it since we like to eat outside when it is nice out. Here are pictures of the progress.

The before, digging out the grass...the boys were great helpers!

Of course Jenn wanted this cement slab removed and not just to put the patio around it!

It's a good thing our neighbor had a skid loader I could use to do that! What a lot of working hauling the concrete out! Again the boys were good helpers.

A huge thank-you to Brian for letting me use that!

Then I got rock and sand and laid the base The steps were a bit of a challenge. After the help of Bryce and Andy one night they weren't the way we wanted to I had to rethink and redo them two more times until we were happy with them. Jackson and his tool belt Jenn wanted the large flagstone pieces like we have in the front but this was the next best thing and only a quarter of the price! Also, a huge thank you to my dad for his help running the tamper, hauling rock/block and helping me out. Also to Jenn's dad and brother for their help as well. We're lucky to have great family and friends to help us out! We just love how it turned out! And Jenn gave our patio table a fresh coat of paint, bought new chair cushions and a new umbrella and looks as good as new! I have another table I'm going to DIY and then in the spring we'll be completing this project. See how we have the landscaping that goes all the way around the house? We're going to finish that around the patio and put in 4 walkways and then a couple pillars on the corners of the patio with a bench coming out of each side...that is my vision and then it will be complete! But we're very happy with how it turned out so far.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Out with Thomas

On Sunday we headed to Boone so the boys could meet Thomas! Ever since I bought the tickets a month or so ago, this is ALL they have been talking about! Every little thing sparked this event, from seeing a train, playing with their trains, watching a movie, hearing a specific word. They were beyond excited! There was so much to do while we were up there. They played with stamps, played on the train tables, which they could've done for hours on end and watched videos, jumped in the inflatables and have their pictures taken. We had a great time and the girls just rode in the stroller and soaked it all in. Can't wait to go next year!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...I've been a bad blogger but I've got 4 little excuses that keep me busy all day everyday!

....I've been bad about taking pictures of my kiddos too, I just can't seem to get my camera out, I feel like I've got it in my hand all the time for my clients and as sad as it is, don't want to take a single picture when I'm not being paid to!

....Julianne and Jocelyn had their 4 month appointment yesterday and got shots. As last time, they both had low grade fevers the rest of the day. They are SOOO much fun right now I love every minute I get to spend with them and as sad as it is to say, I'm really treasuring each minute with them more so than I did the boys. With the boys I felt like I had too much going on and couldn't really enjoy them. I probably have more going on now (with 2 toddlers running around, photography, etc.) but not having to work outside the home has made the world of difference in my attitude toward enjoying the kids!

....I had a photo session on Monday night and last night I met with my bride for my wedding this weekend (yes that's 2 weddings in a row, I don't know what I was thinking!!) I have 2 more the rest of the year the 14th of October and November 5th. I'm looking forward to now having a break from weddings, at least 2 a month since June was a lot!

....Speaking of last weekend, the boys attended a wedding with my parents while Jon and the girls came to Clear Lake with me. We met up with my parents at the reception in Clear Lake and brought the boys home with us it was a LONG day and lots of driving! On Sunday, I had a photo session at 10, headed to Marshalltown for a birthday party by 11 and then headed to Boone by 1 to go enjoy our "Day out with Thomas" and take a train ride. The boys had a blast (hopefully I can blog on that later this week)

....Jon has been doing some cleaning up outside: cleaning of the flower beds, the garden and getting stuff ready to head out to my parents to tore for the winter. We're getting ready to get started on our fall/winter project...finishing the basement and moving my studio to the other side of the basement.

....Jackson and Joel LOVE preschool. They have so much to tell me about when I pick them up and they are really learning. The know what sounds each of the letters make, how to use scissors, they've made applesauce, talked about the leaves changing colors, etc. I think they wish they could go every day.

....We're looking forward to using our season passes to the Center Grove Orchard. I think we'll spend many weekends out there in the future and I'll take the kids there during the day. The boys had sooo much fun there last year and will enjoy it even more this year.

Well there is a little update on us! I'll try and post some pictures this week, we have some first for the girls I need to post and of course the train pictures from this past weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Tidbits & Multiples Garage Sale Information

So last night the girls had the WORST night E.V.E.R since being born!! I fed them at 9 and they went to bed and at 11:30 Julianne was up, then Jocelyn at midnight and finally at 12:30 I decided to feed them both. Don't know what the deal was. Joel brought a cold home from preschool last Friday and has been snotty and Jewels is kinda congested and now Jossy is acting a little raspy so that's not good, the cold chain begins! So far Jon, Jackson and I are doing ok we'll see how the rest of the week turns out!

Last night I made up one of my photo shoots that got cancelled over the weekend. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed that both were cancelled on Sunday due to the rain, it was the first family day with no pictures we've had since the end of May!! We ran errands Sunday and had a nice day as a family, I was excited that it was rainy out because it made the snuggling on the couch all the better!

Tonight starts the multiples garage sale. My mom and I work set-up from 8-10 tonight and I'm also selling (I have (8) 32 gallon totes of preemie to 3T boys clothes and preemie to 3 month girl clothes) so I also have to set out all of my clothes/shoes/socks/bibs/etc. so Jon and my dad are coming to help with that and also bring the girls because I will have to feed them during my shift so either my dad or Jon will be working for me while I do that! Going to be a crazy night but I can't wait to get rid of MORE clothes! I sold TONS in the spring so hopefully I can sell even more!

I've had a few people ask about the sale. The Des Moines Mothers of Multiples puts the sale on and it is a HUGE fundraiser for us. It is open to the public Friday 8-Noon and 5-8 and then Saturday from 8-12. It is at the Zion Lutheran Church in Des Moines. This sale is NOT just for people that have multiples. There are over 80 families selling and they each can decide how to sell their stuff: in twos or priced out singly, which is what I do. I found that after my first sale in the spring the general public is mostly looking for singleton stuff. So although I have mostly 2 of everything it gets priced individually but if you're a twin mom you still have the option to snatch up both items if you want. So my only word of advice GET THERE EARLY! There is a huge line in the morning to shop on Friday and stuff goes fast! I shopped early from my friend Megan who has twin boy clothes and my friend Abbey who has twin girls clothes so when I shop Thursday night (as a member working two shifts) I'm not sure what I'm going to be after!

If you have any other questions about the garage sale email me I can see your comments but really no easy way to respond! If you have a boy or girl and are interested in shopping from me outside of the sale, you're more than welcome! Like I said I do that with some friends and have had people over last week to go through my stuff but still have tons and will have stuff leftover after Saturday so just let me know!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

ALERT! Cute baby girls

Here are a couple of the girls' 4 month pictures I took! Goodness 4 months old already where does the time go?!?! I took them for a weight check on Friday (gotta keep up with my month-by-month baby book) and Julianne was 13lbs. 10oz. and Jocelyn was 12lbs. 14oz. They don't go for their actual 4 month apt. until the end of the month.



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Yeah I know it's Thursday and I'm doing a weekend update from last weekend but I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here and do a review of the weekend/week and preview of this weekend too!

So last Saturday while my hubby went to the biggest football game in the state (Iowa vs Iowa State not a turnout in his favor by the way, the Hawks choked!) I took the kids to the Des Moines Farmer's Market. I met my mom and niece, Brynna there. All the kids had a great time, the highlight, the train ride, all 3 wanted to ride it for a second time. We closed down the farmer's market and then I took the kids and went to a local park for a picnic and so I could feed the girls) and Mom and Brynna went back to the farm to play. After our picnic my kiddos and I headed onto the mall to do some shopping. Besides the fact that we looked like a circus act walking through the mall (I only took my double stroller but had long toys hooked onto the sides so the boys could ALWAYS be holding onto the stroller on each side.) It worked perfectly and when they got tired they stood on the front of the stroller up on the foot rest and held onto the girls' carseats. Everyone was sooo good and between the mall and the strip mall shops around it I fed the girls in the van and on we went! We got home early evening and Jon got home shortly after and then we all headed out to a Saylorville Lake so I could do a photo shoot.

Sunday was a SUPER BUSY day! I had a photo session at 8AM, nursed the girls at 9AM, photo sessions again at 10 and 11, nursed the girls at 12, photo session at 1 and then went over to my friends' house for her 31 Gifts Open House at 2, fed the girls at 3 and then headed to my parents to check out what fall girl clothes I had in storage and then we got back home at 5:00 to eat supper and so I could feed the girls at 6 and then at 7 Joel and I had a date to the grocery store!!! Jon manned the kiddos while I was gone off and on and did a few things outside. Goodness that day went fast and the next thing I know we're all doing baths and getting ready for bed!

Then this week, I stayed up after I fed the girls at 3AM on Sunday night to work on photo sessions (I tend to do this 1-2 times a week) otherwise I would NEVER get them turned around plus I HATE to have to sit at my computer ALL DAY EVERY DAY during the week days and miss out on time with the kids! So I got a few of the session done and then finished the rest in the wee hours on Wednesday morning.

The boys had preschool on Tuesday and they are still LOVING it! I don't get much out of them in terms of what they did but they DO tell me when/if they painted or not, a favorite activity of a 3 year old of course! This week they are working on the letter T and brought home big cut outs that they colored and right when we walked in the door they emptied their folders and asked to hang up their drawings. So we rotate the drawings on my little Ikea wall hanging and the fridge and then they talk about them all week! They have to take in an apple on Friday since the letter A and "apple' are what they are working on next week. Love this 3 year old age!!

Tuesday night we headed to JC Penny for a quick family picture, I do the girls' pictures every 2 months and we do a family picture each time and this time (like the newborn family picture) we had them do it. I've had some awesome coupons for a free sitting fee and for $4 total I get an 8x10 and 2 5x7s to replace the previous family pictures on my walls! After our quick session we headed to Babies R Us and Sam's and got home by 8.

Yesterday a friend came over and bought a bunch of the boys' clothes that don't fit (I've got everything all tagged and ready for the big multiples garage sale next week) and then last night I headed to a girlfriend's house and bought some of her twin girls clothes (I love it that I can get hand-me-downs for the kids for as little as they wear them it works out perfectly) and then we went for an ice cream cone, and yes I realize it was only 50 degrees last night but it sounded good, before getting home again at 8!

Today and tonight I'm taking the girls' 4 month pictures it usually takes me all day when I do it by myself as I only have about a half hour window when the girls are happy/not sleeping between feedings and when I can keep the boys entertained to get them done and I have about 5 outfits I want to shoot them in! That is as busy as we're going to be today.

Friday brings another day at preschool and then a photo shoot Friday night. Jon will get all his tailgating stuff ready for a home Iowa Hawkeye home game on Saturday. Since he'll be driving to the game on Saturday the kids and I will be home all day since we won't have a vehicle we all fit in to go anywhere. I think it's going to be a little warmer so we'll play outside and probably go on a walk. And Sunday I have 2 photo sessions (one in the morning and one at night) and we'll actually have a nice day to be at home together and not running around!!

Whew...that was a long update/preview but consider yourself all up-to-date on what's been going on with the Waters family!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun time

The boys had a great time at the beach the other night...its all they are talking about and can't wait to go back and throw in rocks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silly boys

Jackson and Joel are such little hams sometimes and I just love this series of pictures of them, makes me smile!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty girls

Miss Jocelyn just LOVES to chew on her hand/fingers/arm pretty much anything she can get into her mouth and suck. I guess since she won't take a pacifier she needs to soothe herself another way!

Julianne you are the happiest little girl...I love that wide open mouth grin you give me 100 times a day!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Jackson & Joel have been practicing their bike riding when we've been out to my parents and they are getting pretty good at it! I must admit though, they really like "fixing' their bikes with their wrenches they say! {Jackson & Joel working on their bikes} Miss Brynna was out "helping" the boys one night too...she was practicing her touchdown You are just too cute sweet girl! Here is a very short video of them riding....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The girls love these little blankets, we call them snugglies. The like to hold them and chew on them, I think they have 3 or 4 different ones; they are just the right size for them right now!{Jocelyn}

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My 4 on the 4th

We hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! Thank you Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Janna for our new St. Louis Cardinal outfits!

{Jackson, Julianne & Joel, Jocelyn}

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eating or the lack thereof

So I've been meaning to write about this for some time but just hadn't gotten around to it. So if you read frequently you know that I'm breastfeeding the girls and they both do fabulous. The problem...when I'm not around! There have only been 5 times that I haven't nursed them and those are when I've been photographing a wedding. Julianne has no problem taking a bottle or a pacifier but little Miss Jocelyn on the other hand...she would rather starve than eat from anything besides me or take a pacifier! My pediatrician says that some babies are like that and will just hold out all day and wait for mom. According to my mom, I was the same way and wouldn't take a pacifier or bottle either.

Two weekends ago, I traveled to Audubon for a wedding and half way through the day I got a text saying Jossy has only eaten about an ounce. She wasn't super crabby but of course at almost 4 months old they are eating more than an ounce. I think total for that day she took two ounces. When I booked the 9 weddings I have this year I said I would need breaks to pump every 3 hours and that was ok with every bride but little did I know that pumping wouldn't be enough...if I knew she wouldn't take a bottle I would have NEVER booked a wedding. Talk about making for a stressful day for mama knowing that your baby isn't eating!

Nursing is something that I'm committing myself too for as long as they will nurse if that means that I have to be there for every feeding that's what I'm going to do. I know these are my last babies and I want to indulge in every possible minute. So this last weekend the wedding I was photographing was in Des Moines, and after the stressful day the weekend before Jon jokingly said, "I'm just going to bring the girls to you for each feeding". Hey, why not I thought and that's what he did and everyone was MUCH happier. We took out the middle row of seats in the van, brought bouncy chairs for them, my nursing pillow and I sat on the floor and fed them. When I was done I'd go back to working and Jon would play with them and he spent the day running errands in West Des Moines.

I have a much needed break from weddings and my next one isn't until the last weekend in September and then the first weekend in October, one in the middle of October and the final one the first weekend in November and thankfully, all are pretty close that Jon can just come with and bring the girls making all of our lives a little easier! Also, on weekends when I have basic photo shoots I schedule them all around feedings. It sure is nice to be able to make your own hours!

Now hopefully, this phase of only wanting to eat from me doesn't impact starting cereal, or food in the next few months and then eventually introducing a sippy cup. But we'll just roll with whatever and in the meantime it sure makes a mommy feel good to be needed and I'm happy I get to fully experience nursing the girls.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Preschool

Jackson and Joel started 3 year old 2 days a week (Tuesday & Friday) preschool last week. Friday was their first day and they were sooo excited to go to "me pe schhool". They've now gone 2 days and have SO much to talk about when I pick them up and say they can't wait to go back!

{Jackson's first day}

{Joel's first day} {Jackson and Joel being silly boys...they were saying, "all done mama me go to school now!"}{Joel and Jackson in front of the big sign} {"Taking their picture from "home" and moving it to the "preschool" since that's where they are now.} Each day they move their picture and hang up their backpack. On Tuesday this week when I dropped them off they knew exactly what to do and needed nor wanted any help from me! They even got their bag unzipped and took their folder out and put it in the basket and put their name tag on. I was soooo proud of them on the first day. They walked right in the classroom and turned around and said "bye!" There were some other kids crying so they turned around and looked at us and got that look on their face like they wanted to start crying and Jon and I shut the door and immediately walked away. Unlike the other parents who stood in the doorway and hoovered and said, "oh it's ok" and so on. People, like you standing in the doorway looking at them and continually talking to them as they are crying is going to make it any better, shut the door and WALK AWAY!!! When I got there to pick them up, which is pretty slick, the parents all have signs we put in our windows with our child's name on them and the vehicles are in one big line and slowly inch forward as we wait our turn and the teachers walk the kids to the cars. I have been pretty close to the front each time and only have to wait about 5 minutes to get the boys.

We are soo glad we decided to send the boys to preschool they love it and are happy to have something that is all about them. Plus, since I'm staying home now this allows them to interact with someone other than boring ol' me all day!