Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with the Ganders

On Monday Jon and I hosted my families Christmas.  My parents are under a HUGE remodel at their house so big as to have no kitchen counters, cupboards, sink or toilet on the main level! Can't wait for them to be done and see how wonderful it will look. So we had everyone over here.  Monday morning I got up early and headed out to do some after Christmas shopping.  I got great deals and beat the crowds! My parents and brother got over at 10AM and then we all headed to breakfast at McDonalds and then my brother and mom rant to Target for some things.  We all had snacks Jon and I had made for lunch and then went for a LONG walk and went and found golf balls at the golf course, it was such a beautiful day! Ben's family got over around 4and then we opened gifts and had steaks, garlic mashed red potatoes, corn and rolls.  It was a nice day and after dessert at 8PM everyone talked about how they wished they didn't have to go to work the next day! 

{Brynna, Jackson and Joel waiting patiently to open presents}
 {Brynna opening her big gift from Nana and Papa}
 {Now she can keep up with Jackson and Joel on their tractors...she pretty much sat on this whole time we opened gifts!}
 {Jon and Ben both got patio heaters...they are super excited!}

 {a shot of part of the chaos!}
 {Joel opening his gift}
 {Mama and Jossy}
 {Julianne trying to get a nap in}
 {Mr. Braylan}
 {Miss Brynna}
 {Kyli and Ben}
 {We see you Jewels!}
 {Papa and Jossy with her new giraffe} 
 {Julianne talking to her giraffe}
 {Jackson, Joel and Brynna waiting for supper}
 A shot of all 6 of mom and dad's grandkids!!
 {Jackson, Joel, Braylan, Julianne, Jocelyn and Brynna}
We were all soo spoiled by mom and dad I can't WAIT to use my new KitchenAid stainless steel mixer!! And the boys LOVE their new remote control cars! 

Christmas with Grandma Millie

On Saturday morning after we did our own little Christmas we headed over to my grandma Millie's house to have Christmas.  My dad had cooked a yummy prime rib and had french silk and oreo pie for dessert...yum!     We always do a fun gift/white elephant exchange and we came home with a couple great gifts! I'm super excited about the aquatic center/pool passes the kids got from my gram we will use that a lot this summer! 

{Ben and his little guy, Braylan}
 {The boys...they LOVE these shirts and picked them out at Target all by themselves...this was a very popular movie these last few weeks!}
 {Brynna and Joel}
 {Brynna checking out her new doll}
 {How Great Grandma Millie a hug for her new doll} 
  {Julianne & Jocelyn...I just love these outfits..the bows are over the top but that's what they are called "over the top bows" but look cute in pictures! 
{This is my little nephew, Braylan Tyce born November 21st.  He just hung out and got passed around and you never knew he was there the little man hardly made a peep!} 
 {My cousin Corey playing with Julianne}
 {Check out that cute ruffle butt!} 
 {Nana and Julianne}
Another wonderful Christmas was had by all! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas

When we got home Saturday night we had to sprinkle out the reindeer food as to make sure Santa's reindeer had something to eat too.  The boys were sooo excited! Sophie happened to get out when we got home and were carrying stuff in and was eating their reindeer food, the boys were freaking out, so in the kitty went! We got our cookies and milk all sat out too.  
We all slept in on Christmas morning.  The girls got up at 7:30 and the boys shortly after so by time we got downstairs it was close to 8:30! The first thing the boys said when they saw all the stockings filled and the gifts was "wow, wow, wow" it was sooo cute! They were excited that Santa had eaten the cookies they left for him as well!
{the girls were so smiley and happy little Jossy girl}
{Jewels loves the tags}
{Joel trying on my new hat}
{Jackson was sooo excited for his McQueen lunchbox its all he asked Santa for each time we saw him}
{Joel opening his Santa gifts}
{Joel being silly in his new hat}
{I was sooo excited to get a little tool set to keep in the house in the closet, I was getting tired, err Jon was getting tired of running out to the shed/garage each time I needed a hammer/nails/screws!}
{Jackson trying on his new apron}
{Joel in his apron}
{Julianne checking out her rock}
{Mama and Joel}
{Daddy helping Joel put on his new slippers}
{Julianne and Jocelyn opening their gifts}
{I found these little rocks at the craft show, they will look cute in a flower bed this summer so we each got our own!}
We had so fun opening gifts on Christmas morning. After we were done we ate monkey bread (a tradition we have done for the last 5 years) that I had put in the oven when we started our gift opening and then we all got ready to move on to my grandma's house for lunch!