Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 months

On Monday Julianne & Jocelyn were 8 months old.  Since FINALLY at 8 months they seem  to have decided they are ready to eat baby food I thought (actually it was Jon's idea) that their 8 month picture should be of them eating!!  Just within the last couple of days the girls decided they are ready to eat 2-3 jars of baby food a day (they share the jars). Before we could only get them to eat a few bites from 1 jar. They are much more happier feeding themselves! 
Julianne at 8 months you...
* weigh 16lbs. 9oz. 
* wake up around 12:30 every night because you have escaped from your swaddle which you do right when we put you down in your bed at 8:00PM because you have to "be free" in order yo go to sleep yet can't just be laid in your bed  without swaddling.  I rewrap you and you go right back to sleep
*wake up to nurse around 3:30 or 4 and go back to bed until 7 or 8AM
*have your own little version of yoga you do on the floor in your attempt to actually crawl
*get very frustrated because you have NOT figured out crawling yet but you seem to scoot all over and lunge yourself forward while on all 4s
*can get from a crawl position back to the sitting position like a champ
*have started to pull yourself up to people to stand up
*have the gummiest smile; you don't share many laughs but are always flashing that gummy smile
*like to make your way to your brothers train tracks and trains and play with them when I sit you across the room, this makes your brothers pretty unhappy
*like to "scream" while flapping your arms like a bird and squinting your little eyes, you look pretty funny but get all our attention
*drink from a sippy cup
*when you see your mama you immediate "freak out" and want me to come pick you up!
Jocelyn at 8 months you....
*weigh 16lbs.
*can be "laid" in your bed on your tummy without being swaddled and go right to sleep.  You like to be covered up with your blanky and snuggle right in
*we HAVE to wake you up when your sister gets up to eat around 3:30 or 4....who knows how long you'd actually sleep if we didn't wake you to nurse when your sister gets up
*can get onto all 4s and rock and roll back and forth.  You flop yourself forward on your tummy to get what you want
*love to laugh ALL THE TIME! Your brothers talk to you and you just start giggling
*can easily entertain yourself on the floor for much longer than your sister can
*don't take a paci but a paci is your most favorite "toy" to play with and chew on
*love your snuggle time you get to nurse with your mama
*drink from a sippy cup, actually guzzle from a sippy cup you just can't get enough! 
*instead of storing food in your cheeks like a chipmunk you store food in your hands 
*love to feed yourself
*are always smiling but when someone you don't know looks at you, you turn your face to the side in an effort to be shy
*are the easiest and most laid back baby EVER you NEVER cry and have that "go-with-the-flow" personality
*has 2 bottom teeth

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