Monday, January 30, 2012


Someone has attached themselves to a baby doll
 And Miss Julianne RARELY puts her down! 
 Her obsession started early last week
 And at first we didn't think anything of it
 but Julianne sits up for 30 minutes every night playing with her doll in her crib
she even brings her to her seat  when she eats and hold her tightly when she nurses

 when I take her out of her hands she cries so we make her disappear during meals
 Julianne is realizing its hard to crawl and hold onto her baby at the same time
 or even stand up to things 
 but she sure is soft to lay on
 This is the first time we've had one of the kids attach themselves to something where they HAVE to take it everywhere like Jewels does with her baby! 
 It makes her so happy! 
When you say, "Julianne where is your baby" she looks around and goes right after it! 
Jossy had her baby morning and Julianne crawled across the livingroom floor 
pushed her sister over AND then took her baby doll back!  
 Moral of the story....
 don't ever come between Jewels and her baby! 


The Gausman Six said...

Paige has the exact same doll...creatively named "Dolly." It goes with her everywhere. She does stand up well to the wash. :)

Take good care!

JoAnn G said...

great g'ma had better get another ordered for Jossy since Julianne won't play fair hahaaaa! Very cute!