Monday, January 23, 2012

Build & Grow - Castle Time

Last weekend we headed to Lowe's again for another Build & Grow session.  
{Jackson waiting to get started}
 They were sooo excited to start working and of course hammering!
 They worked so hard at getting all the pieces ready to go
 This time a castle would be the finished product. It was a lot of work with tons of little pieces!
 Daddy did most of the building

 The girls got ancy in their carseats so they helped as well

 {Jocelyn & Julianne}

 And this was their finished product...a castle! There were even little dragons, knights and a princess cutout to play with. We're headed back this weekend to build a dinosaur! If you have a Lowe's in your area you should really check out this FREE workshop for kids, ours just love it!   


The Bormann Family said...

I bet the boys would love this. Is it in dsm or Altoona.

JoAnn G said...

What serious little workers they are loving what they create and then wanting to talk about it and show it off!!!!