Friday, January 20, 2012

Fatherhood Friday's

I know it has been awhile since I have made a post but it has been crazy both at home and at work. Since the last time I had posted anything a lot has changed: the girls are all over the place, they are eating different foods, they have their own personalities, THEY ARE SLEEPING.  The boys are growing so fast, new words and new phrases that make you say “did you really just say that?”  They remember everything (most of the time we don’t even remember it but it must have made a lasting impression in their minds).

Right now I wouldn’t really change anything in my life, wait I take that back, I would change one thing and that would be to have more time in the day so that I could spend a few more hours with each of them. It seems like since the girls were born time has really flown by. Going through the week Mondays are always a drag but it seems like it is Friday before we even know it. I still can’t believe that Christmas is over.

What we are really looking forward to at our house is summer. I cant wait for it to be warm, even though it hasn’t been a bad winter, but more importantly I can't wait for it to be light out longer. That means that we can play outside most of the night and not have to be trapped inside trying to find new and different activities for 4 kids to do. You can only do so many puzzles and scribble so many pictures.

With that being said I hope that this summer our lives can slow down a little more and we can interact with each of the kids a little more, because you get them away from each other and they are each different people. I hope that I can get around to doing more of these post in the coming weeks.

Love Jon/DADA

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