Monday, January 2, 2012

headband organization

So this is one project that I've been meaning to put up and show off.  I did this quite some time ago...probably when I started acquiring all these headbands around when the girls were 2 months old.  So here is how I keep everything organized....with an over the door shoe organizer!  These things are perfect and I think I've said before but I have them on almost every door in our upstairs! 
 Bows and clips are on the outside of the holder and headbands are grouped with their matching mate in a small snack size baggie.
 Each holder is color coordinated
 This works fantastic and I can even tell Jon to go in and grab a pink headband and he can pick out something that matches without having to dig through tons of headbands that aren't paired together! 

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Brenda Robinson said...

Great idea, Jen. I've used a shoe organizer in my front door closet for many years ... hats, gloves, scarves, headbands, ear muffs, etc. So handy and clearly visible for easy access. When the kids were little their accessories were always at the bottom so they could reach and be responsible for themselves. My mom always used one on the back of her sewing room door, which was next to her sewing machine and surger. Lots of uses and a cheap investment for the organizing it provides.