Monday, February 27, 2012

All about Miss Jewels!

Julianne is such a mama's girl! As soon as I walk into the room she's at my feet climbing up my leg.  
She is such a snuggler, must be a "Baby A" thing
Julianne LOVES her baby and still holds/carries her at all times
She is down to nursing just 3 times during the day and once during the night
Jewels is getting really good at pulling herself up to ANYTHING and trying to cruse along it
She loves to explore the house and get into any nook and cranny
When she gets excited her feet curl really fast over and over again
REFUSES to eat her green vegetables out of a jar, but will eat whole peas when she can feed herself
Her first word was a week ago and she followed suit with her brothers and said "daddy" "dada"
Julianne has the biggest smile and it always puts a smile on my face no matter the time!
She has the cutest little dimples, not sure who she gets those from but they sure are cute! 
Jewels loves to eat whatever we're eating, she really isn't picky at all! 
No longer has to be swaddled to sleep at night (for about 2 months now) 
Refuses to nap in her crib...we're trying to work on this! 
Loves to follow her brothers around and check up on them!

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