Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celebrating dad's birthday

 My dad's birthday was March 10th and we celebrated it that weekend at my Grandma Schauper's house.  I'm such a bad daughter I forgot to post these cute pictures! grandma made a yummy supper (with the help on my hubby on the grill) and we had cake and ice cream. My dad's favorite, German chocolate but my gram makes the best angel food cake so that's what most of us had! 

 The boys sure enjoyed playing with my Uncle Larry! 
My mom found this neat picture of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, dad thought it was pretty neat too 

 Of course, per the boys' request we all had to have party hats. My mom managed to find some from mine and my brother's birthday parties there were trolls on them, remember those hairy little things? And then the one Julianne is wearing Goosebumps...anyone but me ever read those books??

 Of course we all, the boys and dad took turns blowing out the candles. We had a fun night! 

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