Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr. Joel

Joel is our little spit fire, the sassiest of them all! 

He is also a people pleaser...especially to Jackson, whatever Jackson asks for Joel will give him

Joel LOVES LOVES LOVES to paint we paint at least once a day

Has mastered zipping up his own coat and putting on his own seatbelt in the car, he is sooo proud and can't wait to tell his preschool teacher today! 

Within the last few month he has become sooo protective of his sisters.  If they get too close to the stairs he lays on the floor to "block the track" so they don't fall down

Joel loves to wrestle with Jackson and daddy on the floor every night!

He runs soo many circles around the house everyday if we had carpet there would be a cow path

Is a lover of preschool! He writes his name so well, minus the backwards "e" but has improved so much since the beginning of the year.  

All his pictures he colors/paints/markers he has to hang them up on our craft hooks

Everytime we go over the train tracks in the car he says, "no cars go on choo choo tracks, trains go on choo choo tracks" EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!! 

Joel is scared to go downstairs or anywhere new without his big brother Jackson

He loves going to the library and asks to check out the same movie each week! 

Joely is a great napper like his brother, thankfully! 

His favorite activity, building train tracks all around the kitchen and dining room and back, using up every piece of track we have! 

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